Austreity Must End

Those who produce should have, but we know that those who produce the most — that is, those who work hardest, and at the most difficult and most menial tasks, have the least. _Eugene V Debs.
Austerity measures are generally unpopular because they tend to lower the quantity and quality of services and benefits provided by the government. Beginning in 2009, several nations were forced to embark on unprecedented austerity measures. These measures were necessitated by budget deficits that soared to record levels because of actions these countries took to stimulate their economies following the massive credit crisis and global recession of 2008.
In Europe as the USA the Bankers and wealth controlled the economy, while huge amounts fo Corporate welfare go to the wealthy, this is a drain on social programs and policies that are institute for humane causes.
Here in the USA Social Progress and Social Democracy are impossible. The USA feeds billions into the Military Industrial, Prison, and Corporate complexes.
Development projects, welfare, and other social spending are common programs that are targeted for cuts: Taxes, port and airport fees, train and bus fares are common sources of increased user fees. Retirement ages may be raised and government pensions reduced.
According to Nation of Change:
The ratio of household debt to income is 154%. 62% of all bankruptcies are caused by illness. Student loan debt has exploded and 40% of indebted households use credit cards to pay for living expenses.
Banks sell the distressed debt of Americans on the open market and speculators purchase and attempt to collect on the debts for the full amount. We purchase this debt and instead of collecting on it, abolish it. It’s a bailout of the people by the people. The system is blind in that we do not distinguish the individuals receiving the aid. National Debt exists because corporations in other companies need an infusion of cash, debt is created as of corporate welfare for us owned companies in foreign lands.
With rampant unemployment spreading misery in southern Europe and companies shutting factories across the continent, workers around the European Union sought to unite in a string of strikes and demonstrations.Most European governments have in recent years had to cut spending, pensions and benefits and raise taxes aggressively to bring public debt under control. That includes not only the most financially troubled governments, like Greece, but also the traditionally more stable ones, like France and Britain.The result has been a dramatic drop in living standards in many nations that leaders have accepted as collateral for policies they claim are unavoidable. With no end in sight to the economic misery, workers were trying to take a stand The Democratic Socialist solution would be to end corporate welfare, end the military strong hold, close secret governments, and close all military basses around the world. End tax cheating a corporate crimes. Close the IMF and World Bank. End corporate welfare and pork barrel spending.
The Socialist International States:
Many analysts have been eager to expound the idea of a trade-off in the economy, where equality and social justice is seen as incompatible with efficiency and growth. In fact, growing inequality reflects shrinking opportunity and a lack of social mobility, distortions in the economy which undermine efficiency, and under-investment in the areas of mutual benefit mentioned, such as infrastructure, education and technology.
As a result of policies which deepened inequalities, democratic politics is at stake, as increasing inequality is leading to disillusionment with the democratic process. We now see campaigning to strip away rights of workers in particular in the US, where workers’ protection is lower than any other developed country, transforming this disillusionment into anger where workers’ rights are threatened and employment protection is decreased.
There couldn’t be a better time to introduce a new economy of growth and sustainability and brining quality and good paying jobs for the USA and The World.


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