Republican Tax Scam

We tend to think of the period since Reagan’s election as a conservative era; even though Republicans controlled the White House only a few years more than Democrats, there were lots of centrist Democrats willing to cooperate with R agendas, versus almost no cooperation when Democrats held the White House. And one tends to think … More Republican Tax Scam


There is not a more pained, lonely, misunderstood group other the Homeless. There are many myths and cruelties tossed at the indigent. I remember when I was homeless. I lived in an SRO (Sleeping Rooms Only)because I couldn’t afford a place to live. Working for miserable bosses. It was winter and I was all alone. … More Homelessness

Our New Civil War

Simon McCormack writes “The American government has been critical of China’s forced-labor policies, but the United States has a burgeoning prison labor pool of its own. Russia Today filed a report on Sunday that said hundreds of companies nationwide now benefit from the low, and sometimes no-wage labor of America’s prisoners. Prison labor is being … More Our New Civil War