Crunching the Numbers

Facts of US Economy This estimation is meant to be a feasibility paradigm for the distribution of a Universal Income of $34,000 per person. Median Family income is about that much and the examples of Government Waste and Welfare for the Rich exceeds anti poverty measures Like Sustainable Cities, Social Enterprise, and Living wage boosting … More Crunching the Numbers

Sustainable Cities, Social Economy, LUBI

—————————— A social economy: is a third sector among economies between the private (business) and public sectors (government). It includes organizations such as cooperatives, nonprofit organizations, social enterprises and Democratic ESOP’s. Important:Social economy studies the relationship between economy and social behavior. A social economy develops because of a need for new solutions for issues (social, … More Sustainable Cities, Social Economy, LUBI

Apartheid in America

Years ago the War on Poverty was declared, Affirmative Action was installed, and many social programs where placed. With Reagan and the following Presidents and Government has done was declare a new class war. But is the class war also a race war. YES! Blacks and Hispanics are subject to poverty, and slum like condition. … More Apartheid in America

Recharging Democracy

Political parties are suppose to be peripheral to Democracy. The two Wall Street parties have been obedient to big business for a long time now. America has never been a Democracy and since Reagan we drifted far apart from the promise. Richard Dreyfrus has become concerned about Civics. The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative is a non-profit, … More Recharging Democracy