America In Extremism

We are caught in a Cultural War between the Tea Party and Social Justice Warriors. This week fascism was accelerated by soon to be Ex-President Donald Trump. Decrying “internment camps,” supporters disrupted a high-profile U.S. congressional hearing on Tuesday with a dramatic protest against the Trump administration’s policy of detaining immigrant children separated from their … More America In Extremism

Ending Rascism

I have bad news for you it is going to be hard to end racism, but we can fight it. American racism is going to be hard to eradicate. It is complicated, more so then when we think. People could get a long just fine if they come from the same social-economic background. I have … More Ending Rascism

Democratic Control

A democratically selected body that protects the interests of the citizens and ensures compliance with law, good government practices and cooperative principles, is legitimate regardless of the particulars of the selection process. However, as with all governments, a board is only as good as the people who run for it and only as representative as … More Democratic Control

Flexsecurity: The Next Social Initiative

Flexicurity (a concept of flexibility and security) is a welfare state model with a pro-active labor market policy. The term was first coined by the social democratic Prime Minister of Denmark Poul Nyrup Rasmussen in the 1990s. The term refers to the combination of labor market flexibility in a dynamic economy and security for workers. … More Flexsecurity: The Next Social Initiative