Socialism: The Real Deal

I’d like to congratulate Jimmy Lee Hollis on his article on Socialism. Though I must admit, the article was misleading and less than the accurate. The problem with Socialism is that there are too many varieties. Most Democratic Socialists, Social Democrats, and Labor parties affiliated with the Socialist International are Anti-Communist and Anti-Leninist.There have been … More Socialism: The Real Deal

Radical Co-ops

 We go To construct a Movement of Cooperatives You would revolutionize It thinks about I worse number it of people who brutally are explored in the work, or still, that it does not have job. In we have them a design to fight against this reality. For the path of the cooperativismo, we are creating … More Radical Co-ops

Cheddi Jagan

This is a biography of Cheddi Jagan. We recently celebrated Allendes aniversary and I think on equal par we should look into someone we should never forget.Here is the bio of a hero who tried to find a accord with labor and capital. I’ve been working on this one quite a while. Cheddi Jagan was born … More Cheddi Jagan


In Reply to Boyce. I have studied the Immigration issue and feel I must add an alternative insight to the norm of belief and misconception. I have age on my side with much political memory. I’ll start with the Cold War. As a teenager we heard many things about the Soviet Union. One of the … More IMMIGRANTS USA