Euthanasia and Suicide

For the longest time, I have studied this issue and research as much as possible. Let’s cover suicide first. People try and commit suicide, some successful and others fail. The failures can be catastrophic. One youngster tried to electrocute himself and lost his arms instead. There is much damage people do to themselves. Legalizing suicide … More Euthanasia and Suicide

Republican Tax Scam

We tend to think of the period since Reagan’s election as a conservative era; even though Republicans controlled the White House only a few years more than Democrats, there were lots of centrist Democrats willing to cooperate with R agendas, versus almost no cooperation when Democrats held the White House. And one tends to think … More Republican Tax Scam


There is not a more pained, lonely, misunderstood group other the Homeless. There are many myths and cruelties tossed at the indigent. I remember when I was homeless. I lived in an SRO (Sleeping Rooms Only)because I couldn’t afford a place to live. Working for miserable bosses. It was winter and I was all alone. … More Homelessness

Our New Civil War

Simon McCormack writes “The American government has been critical of China’s forced-labor policies, but the United States has a burgeoning prison labor pool of its own. Russia Today filed a report on Sunday that said hundreds of companies nationwide now benefit from the low, and sometimes no-wage labor of America’s prisoners. Prison labor is being … More Our New Civil War