We Are In Trouble

As the Left needs strategy and direction, the state for the world gets worse. It is time for some real aims. Let us understand how serious matters are. We are in big trouble. Here is where it started. Before John F Kennedy was assassinated, he warned there is a conspiracy to turn every man, women, … More We Are In Trouble

Toxicity World

Every time there is a Natural disaster, something unnatural Happens. There are always problems that may and can be averted. Emily Atkin reports: In the devastating wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, parts of the East Coast were left not only demolished, but polluted. Wastewater treatment plants lost power and discharged 11 billion gallons of … More Toxicity World

LU Solutions: Youth

If $9 Trillion where put into the Living Universal Basic Income, some money would have to go to kids since there is no part time jobs. Many teens need a rescue. Homeless youth are at high risk for involvement in the criminal justice system. Homeless youth who have been physically abused are almost twice as … More LU Solutions: Youth