Radical Co-ops

 We go To construct a Movement of Cooperatives You would revolutionize It thinks about I worse number it of people who brutally are explored in the work, or still, that it does not have job. In we have them a design to fight against this reality. For the path of the cooperativismo, we are creating … More Radical Co-ops

Cheddi Jagan

This is a biography of Cheddi Jagan. We recently celebrated Allendes aniversary and I think on equal par we should look into someone we should never forget.Here is the bio of a hero who tried to find a accord with labor and capital. I’ve been working on this one quite a while. Cheddi Jagan was born … More Cheddi Jagan


In Reply to Boyce. I have studied the Immigration issue and feel I must add an alternative insight to the norm of belief and misconception. I have age on my side with much political memory. I’ll start with the Cold War. As a teenager we heard many things about the Soviet Union. One of the … More IMMIGRANTS USA

Democratic Socialist Rather Than Liberal

Liberals in America are not leftists. They are Capitalists. Like their Conservative counter parts. Liberals in America are particularly phony. They vote for Republicans, do not believe in a multi party system, and introduce social programs that cater to corporations rather than human need. Liberals also obsess on jobs and competition, and that biggest myth … More Democratic Socialist Rather Than Liberal

The development…

The development of social democracy is the core of our being. The ALP feels it is extremely important to enhance parliamentarian ism, a fundamental element of democracy. Through continuing political reform, the party encourages people to voice their views during the process of formulating various government policies and to participate in political activities. Reform:The ALP … More The development…

Corporate Work Place

In America the joke would be going to work is like leaving America for8 hours. And Human Rights Watch determines most workers have no rightsin the work place.  We owe that to the Democrats and Republicans whoare in the back pockets of there owners who invest in their campaigns.What the system does is make people … More Corporate Work Place

Foreclosures 101

There are complexities to offer r explanations for what has caused such a meltdown in the mortgage industry and steep declines in property values. Many of the reasonings offered are well thought out. Obviously it is the essence of vulture capitalism.  The most commonly cited cause among economic analysts is simply greed and corruption on … More Foreclosures 101

True Life 3: The Quest for Quality Affordable Housing

When I was younger just about everyone could own a Home. Adequate space for Living Room, Dining, Kitchen, and Bed Rooms. A basic job meant that even a Fry Cook could get an apartment and live like a King. That America no longer exists and the quality of life has plummeted. The Programming from the … More True Life 3: The Quest for Quality Affordable Housing