LU Solutions: Youth

If $9 Trillion where put into the Living Universal Basic Income, some money would have to go to kids since there is no part time jobs. Many teens need a rescue. Homeless youth are at high risk for involvement in the criminal justice system. Homeless youth who have been physically abused are almost twice as … More LU Solutions: Youth

Socialism: The Real Deal

I’d like to congratulate Jimmy Lee Hollis on his article on Socialism. Though I must admit, the article was misleading and less than the accurate. The problem with Socialism is that there are too many varieties. Most Democratic Socialists, Social Democrats, and Labor parties affiliated with the Socialist International are Anti-Communist and Anti-Leninist.There have been … More Socialism: The Real Deal

Radical Co-ops

 We go To construct a Movement of Cooperatives You would revolutionize It thinks about I worse number it of people who brutally are explored in the work, or still, that it does not have job. In we have them a design to fight against this reality. For the path of the cooperativismo, we are creating … More Radical Co-ops