Education Fail

I could remember growing up in School 18, later Passaic County Tech. One thing I lkearned about education is that is meant to make people disposable. All we had most of the time is reading, writing, and arithmatic. Lucky to be near New York City, we did have access to culture. When I went to … More Education Fail

The Trump Disaster

For certain President Trump was not elected President. Once again the Electoral College installs a President. Only 20 Sates have to power to install a President. Trump gave the go ahead for Keystone XL. Another war declared on Native Americans. So far he has handled most issues with incompetence. He refused to condemn the support … More The Trump Disaster

The Age Of Ignorance 1980-

The Reagan era gave birth to the “Ignorance Ages” a time period, 1980-(On going) In the 1980s. President Ronald Reagan, with the help of  the so-called “Moral Majority,” co-opted the religious beliefs of evangelical and/or fundamentalist Christians while Jerry Falwell purchased $10 million in advertising to run a smear campaign against then-incumbent President Jimmy Carter, as … More The Age Of Ignorance 1980-

Political Identifying

I started disliking Liberalism and Socialism in the 70’s and 80’s. I liked socialism let me say, but started hating other Socialists. This started when a friend came up to me and said, “Whites should feel guilty for enslaving blacks. We should sacrifice for them.” I said, “When my family came here from Europe, they … More Political Identifying