There is not a more pained, lonely, misunderstood group other the Homeless. There are many myths and cruelties tossed at the indigent. I remember when I was homeless. I lived in an SRO (Sleeping Rooms Only)because I couldn’t afford a place to live. Working for miserable bosses. It was winter and I was all alone. … More Homelessness

Our New Civil War

Simon McCormack writes “The American government has been critical of China’s forced-labor policies, but the United States has a burgeoning prison labor pool of its own. Russia Today filed a report on Sunday that said hundreds of companies nationwide now benefit from the low, and sometimes no-wage labor of America’s prisoners. Prison labor is being … More Our New Civil War

We Are In Trouble

As the Left needs strategy and direction, the state for the world gets worse. It is time for some real aims. Let us understand how serious matters are. We are in big trouble. Here is where it started. Before John F Kennedy was assassinated, he warned there is a conspiracy to turn every man, women, … More We Are In Trouble

Toxicity World

Every time there is a Natural disaster, something unnatural Happens. There are always problems that may and can be averted. Emily Atkin reports: In the devastating wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, parts of the East Coast were left not only demolished, but polluted. Wastewater treatment plants lost power and discharged 11 billion gallons of … More Toxicity World