The Election 2012

The pundits are wrong as usual, there was no mandate for Obama. But there is no other choice at times because of prohibited ballot access laws and Alternative Party exclusion. Democracy works when there are free choices. The Democrats and Republicans with the help of the corporate news media undermine each election.

If America where a leftist Nation, we would display that. The Libertarians make out with a Lions share of the votes. They get the most media attention though and act as a distraction to other possibilities.

There is a problem with the American if not world political process. In America we have several categories to look at.

Voter Apathy: No one cares a bout the facts, only listen to the news, or do not care at all. Especially about others.

Voter Addiction: The inability to vote out side the box. Must vote Two Party. Short sided and sticking to tradition. These people “Mr. Magoo” politics accepting erroneous facts.

Non-Voter: People who think Democracy is mob rule or think the system doesn’t work and is hopeless. These people capitulate to the powers that be.

Independents: Conformists who will vote for the two party system. They are not true outside the box thinkers.

The Libertarians received the most votes because America is an isolated country that subscribes to the values of Selfishness. These are people yet into money, free market capitalism and believe the American Dream is about them and they will be rich one day. Some values are Democratic and need to be looked at. They owe their success to the fact they communicate well and are good sales people in their cause.

Socialism should be the main force in America bur Socialist are cut off from the media, and are not great salesmen of their cause. Socialists tend to alienate people who disagree with them. They do not display democracy well, and are intellectual philosophers who remote themselves from the average person. Socialists have no strategy nor embrace workers. White males tend to be alienated especially since the movement blames even poor white male for all kinds of things wealthy whites have done. White males and families are laughed at for being white trash, yet f done to minorities we should be ashamed of our selves. Since poor whites and poor Minorities are in the same boat, Socialist Parties have failed to cultivate a message of solidarity.

When I was on the Socialist Party USA, the conventions where shameful. Nothing got done. People argued and bantered. It was a philosophers war and popularity contest. The real revolution was out in the street with the poor, homeless, and workers. Yet some socialist made fun of these people and I reminded them, these people work and have no time for joy. Besides aren’t we suppose to be representing them.

In National Committee meetings there was moving sideways and reconfirming old values with no clues on building membership, getting out word out, media creation, or strategy. Socialist parties have too many intellectuals and not enough functionaries. Debs was right, the intellectual should find itself in the Rank and File.

A Socialist Part needs to be created to host real democracy. Solidarity, and common values. There has to be efficiency, means of reaching the people, and more. A Socialist party has to use similar tactics as Capitalists do. Unions seem to have a good idea of promotion.

The Socialist Party USA never held up to its values and doesn’t even reflect them. Many Socialist Parties are this way. In days of yore, socialists when part of society, almost like churches they had meetings, dinners, out reach and courage. Today’s socialist sits on an intellectual perch.

When I ran for office, I knew my targets, communicated to the average person, knew my points of relation. I held audiences in the palm of my hand. Only because I wasn’t above everyone and spoke to people on their terms and relationship. You can’t speak at people, you must speak to them. Know what people are about and talk to them relating to their lives. The lives of ordinary people who want their aspirations filled and their dreams to come true in many ways. And above all listen, don’t be a preacher





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