The New Left: The poison of Neo Moderism

Lately I have been subject too Alienation Liberalism/Socialism. It is easy to see how the “New Left” breaks up “Cultures of Solidarity.” One may believe the “New Left” was launched in the 1960’s. The message: It is no longer Capitalism, but Patriarchy. The real culprit is men in general, white males in particular.
Are white males the enemy? Lets look at it this way. Leftists have determined that white privilege has given white males the lives of kings and they are oppressors.
In Wealthy White America there are elements of truth. Looking at the world situation, all people in majority benefit from their superiority. In America there is much revisionist history. Lets explode the myth of the “Evil White Man”
During the Industrial Revolution, it was males, white males in majority who fought against child labor, advocated Labor Rights, The 8 hour work Day. There was an age of Labor Hostility that fought sweatshop and adverse working conditions. Social progress was initiated by white males and others for 150 years. The New Deal administration, Workers Rights,
Civil Rights battles. (Remember Bernie Sanders in Handcuffs? Where was Hillary Clinton?)
During the 1950’s industrial age up to the mid 1970’s, many people did quite well. Sadly there was the “Other America.”
The Old Left needed an upgrade, the New Left came in and busted up solidarity among people.
The Left in America has not been the same since and has not recovered. For generations the “New Left” has put a monkey wrench in progress.
Occupy Wall street was a great display of directionless lack of leadership and initiative to allow real change.

It is Patriarchy! No it is not. There is no Patriarchy. Look at the people in my life. My Dentist is a female from Turkey, My internist is a Female Doctor from Romania, My Heart Doctor is a crazy good Italian American female hot shot professional.
The war on Racism. There has been no bigger minus to Black Lives Matter coming up with a myth-Cultural Appropriation. As we can see the “New Left” is also very racist. People have celebrated other peoples races for ever. If one where to go to a Japanese Obon Festival we note that Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and other dress in Kimono’s. If your eating in an Italian Restaurant, are you stealing Italian food? This is the dumbest element of the New Left.
At Evergreen College in Washington there is a racist celebration. “No White People” on campus day.
So, why is there not a “Racial Unity Day?” Why don’t we reach each other and teach each other and join hands in the great fraternity and sorority of humanity. This is the exact thing that made Liberalism indigestible. This is the same element in which Whites (mostly white females) gravitate to Republicanism. This mentality had made the Right Wing stronger.
The Left for decades has practiced all kinds of alienation in the name of Social Justice. There is an absence of Righteousness.
The New Left practices censorship disallowing opposing points of view, or alternative points of view. The New Left exercises its own revisionist history and alternative facts.
This is suppose to be out values, Liberalism, in the American sense, is about caring, fairness and liberty. But there are three other foundations. Non Censorship, challenging authority, and Quality if life. Depending on how you grew up, some part of your personal morality may be anchored in one of those three, and that may be what is building the sense know the “New Left” is wrong.
The ideas that fairness, liberty and caring alone can make up an adequate moral code, is a recent innovation of wealthy societies. For everyone else who ever lived, morality had to be anchored in community. Even with Liberals or Left Wingers with other points of view are shut down at Colleges and Universities, shutting down Free Speech and expression. Even Right Winger Michael Savage was punched in the mouth recently. I dislike Michael Savages points of view, but no one should be subject to assault for their views.
Frustration has built in the Left and it is easy to see that Conservatives now are paying for their ignorance. But Violence is still wrong.

I think of Vito Marcantonio, Eugene V Debs, Martin Luther King. Binding forces who knew how to unite people. Debs received a million votes behind bars. Marcantonio bonded Whites, lacks, and Hispanics in El Barrio NYC and spent 6 terms in Congress. Martin Luther King understood quite well about getting people together. These men understood something about people and solidarity. We lack enlightened leadership these men had to offer today.


One thought on “The New Left: The poison of Neo Moderism

  1. The “old left” needed a proper burial. Soon the “new left” needed one as well. The imaginary left, however, may live forever.

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