The development…

The development of social democracy is the core of our being. The ALP feels it is extremely important to enhance parliamentarian ism, a fundamental element of democracy. Through continuing political reform, the party encourages people to voice their views during the process of formulating various government policies and to participate in political activities.

The ALP understands that through incessant innovation, the Government should open itself to the general public and set up an effective Public Oriented administrative system. To protect individual dignity, personal rights and other basic human rights,the police and other government agencies should make reformes when needed.The elected Officials need to initiate the revision and reform of relevant laws and regulations.

Free Market and Co-operative economy (Economic justice):

Market economics is the guiding principle of the nation. The ALP pursues a fair and orderly economy. A Market for freeand creative economic activities. Particular emphasis will be placed on fostering co-operative firms. Big businesses will be encouraged to arrange strategic alliances with small and venture businesses in a mutually beneficial to all people. The party is aware of the vital importance knowledge-based industries will assume in the national and international economy.

In productive welfare, the party is striving to achieve the maximum development of individuals and is making a fiscal commitment to raising the general quality of life. People with disabilities will be assured minimum living expenses according to the law. A strong and broad middle class is the staple of a first-rate country. Upward mobility of low-income families will be pursued aggressively.

Free Education:
The ALP’s education platform is oriented to nurturing creative democratic citizens. Free Education and Training will be impleneted so that individuals, regardless of financial capability, will be able to reach their full academic and personal potential. Our policy seeks to cultivate a social atmosphere in which individuals can cultivate talent will be treated well regardless of academic credentials.
The Future:


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