Kind Message on Poverty

One cannot help but be dismayed when we read the news and there is a story about poverty.
The subject is continuing, and it continues because the Government wants to continue it.
There are simple solutions to poverty that have been ignored in congress for the past 50 years. The steps aren’t difficult but with the governments help , poverty can go away tomorrow.
In our current government The Democrats and Republicans prioritize corporate needs over human needs, this si too keep people atomized, fearful, and ossified. While working social programs would cost Three trillion a year, Corporate welfare, taxe breaks, and white collar crimes with secret and military governments cost $65 trillion dollars.
The first step is education. Educating our children in life would help a lot. We need a non competitive school day to educate kids not to creat problems in the first place. Self discovery program prevent future social distress.
The second is both a Universal Income and Living wage. Along with Jobs with ustice (Meaningful Jobs)
The Third Urban renewal with out contactor welfare or petrifaction. Making Livable, sustainable, smart growth communities would help also.
People have access to a public school education, the social initiatives should not be ignored. Conservative ignorance raises its ugly had and perpetuates bad Karma every time.
Here in the USA, we need to take steps Nationally. It seems things seem to get worse and worse for people in
The USA. The poor do not have always have to be with us. But with National priorities toward our plutocratic oligarchy means the Nation will continues to suffer.
Our Public TV, Schools, Libraries, and other institutes for the people and enlightenment are always under assault by conservative governments.
We have to stop our culture of ignorance, stop subscribing to hateful values and myths about the poor and under privileged.
Of course not everyone is savable, and it wouldn’t be a world of geniuses and inventors. But we need a new American Dream, one of cooperation, human rights, and progress.
One friend said to me, if we have a Zoo, we must take care of all the animals. We can’t feed the main attractions and allow the rest to starve because they aren’t as popular. All creatures great and small deserve love, compassion, and kindness.


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