True Life 3: The Quest for Quality Affordable Housing

When I was younger just about everyone could own a Home. Adequate space for Living Room, Dining, Kitchen, and Bed Rooms. A basic job meant that even a Fry Cook could get an apartment and live like a King.

That America no longer exists and the quality of life has plummeted. The Programming from the Right and Liberal Left is, “Settle for Less! Except your plight in life. Work Harder ad things will change.” More nonsense whinnying from both political horses.


The Government now wants us to live in sheds. Rather then bailing out the people, the banks where bailed out, yet most citizens with predatory  lost there homes. When the Casino industry fell apart in Atlantic City, foreclosures shot up, pets where abandoned every where. Food Shelters are over stocked.  Suicide up beyond belief.

Some communities that have adapted to Sustainability have a Housing Authority that is committed to creating and sustaining vibrant communities , by developing quality, affordable housing options throughout for low-income households as well as for targeted populations.

Fresno Housing Authority owns, maintains, and/or manages thousands of units of government-subsidized housing (sometimes referred to as “public housing”) throughout the city and the county of Fresno, enabling eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities access to quality, safe, well-maintained rental housing.

Housing units vary in size from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom. Some are apartments, others are townhomes, and some are single family homes. Each complex offers amenities appropriate for the residential mix and all are maintained to ensure attractive, safe settings for families. Fresno Housing Authority provides a range of on-site programs for residents, including job training, life skills, youth activities, and substance abuse counseling.

American Cities with a progressive conscious, that work the notion of Sustainable, Eco, Smart Growth Communities are making the effort to give everyone dignity.

The Universal Income, Living Wage, reformed bank mortgages would help people buy and keep homes. There would be no need for the “Give Them Sheds” idea.

First, The sheds are dangerous. Second They are subject to fire and weather conditions. Third, they are death traps.

Back in 1944, there had been architectural renderings of futuristic cities. These would have included trams, interior market places, apartments/condos. When Henry Ford influenced Congress to make the car the only means of Transportation, that spelled the end for sustainable, ecological futures.

Industrial houses where build. OK many quaint and lovely. Victorian Architecture, and City Scapes like Greenwich Village NYC. With the growth of Dog Eat Dog Capitalism, for a short time, there where affordable apartments. That also gave a raise to many Landlord disputes. There was a mind to get rid of Tenements and improve the quality of life.

But the norm would have been to build cities of the future. Buy the 1980’s, housing was becoming ridiculously high. People who used to live in  areas they grew up could no longer afford the homes they grew up in, some would never be able to own a house.

In Agricultural and Pastoral areas things are getting worse as poor towns become ghost towns, and Walmart has destroyed th economy and left. Some have lost there industrial or mining base due to automation and exportation of factories.

The Future Lies in the need for Rent Control and Local activism to get the Land Lords under control. That means empowering the community, not the powerful.

What we can do:

  • Bring people and communities together.
  • Develop and support community initiatives, projects and proposals.
  • Build more cohesive communities and increase social capital.
  • Utilise new technology for the benefit of local communities.
  • Link neighbourhood development, diverse local communities and community groups
  • Introduce a Livable Universal Income and Living Wage.
  • Help communities to use new technology to their advantage.
  • Build Sustainable Communities – Supporting the organisations and groups working in and with communities so they can carry on their vital work.
  • Work with other partners to engage with the community at borough wide and neighbourhood level.
  • Offer training, consultancy, community development, research, partnership and project management services in order to promote community cohesion and engagement.

Actively engaging the community in the development and delivery of these services.Now we need activists and community leaders to stand up to change the. There is no reason why there should be an “Excluded Class”.  Ending America’s caste system would be a big help.Current steps require improving HUD, Consumer Protection, and more. There should be a way  providing programs and services to help keep homes affordable. In a government for the many, not the few.



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