True Life I:The World Of Work.

One thing I use to say to myself as a boy, “It seems once a person graduates school and enters the world of work, everyone is a slave.” Unless one is a trust fund baby, or is lucky enough to win the scholarship lottery. If one is not “All American”, you are vapor.
My first Factory, as all factories contain misery jobs. I was a Marxist then and admit Marx is right. Factory work is exploitation.
Working in a circuit board factory, I was covered with copper and turned green, frequent stoned by chemical fumes, watch by the boss and a frequent target for abuse. Not matter what, you learn the work ethic doesn’t work and is total nonsense.
I made a few attempts to Unionize the plant.
Most lifetime factory workers are subject to a lifetime of abuse, ergonomics, and toxification.
Many die from Black lung, brown lung, varied cancers, corporeal tunnel syndrome, knee wear and tear. By age 50 most factory workers are ready to die.

On my jobs, I discovered there are no many pleasant bosses. That work hours are too long. One cannot cultivate their talents. and most live in a low paid world.

Since 1974 the United States has eroded economically. While in 1972 33% of homes where Union homes, 5% are today. When Reagan was elected, that was it for the Middle Class, then Clinton signed GATT and NAFTA and that was the end for certain.

Jobs became more scarce. By the 2000’s we seen and erosion of industry. 45,000 factors left the USA and 10,000,000 workers where placed out of work. Many formerly prosperous towns are now either ghost towns or just getting by. My father had a stroke by age 58. My mother was trapped in the garment industry which was frequent based in horrific sweat shops. I tried to Unionize her shop with UNITE.
My mother work in slave shops from 15 years old. In the end she had asthma, brown long, twisted usable fingers, heart attacks from pressure.

When we where younger we heard of solutions to the work problems. A 32 hour work week, a living wage, job sharing, eventually automation that will free people from work. The end of werk!

Of course conservatives, being afraid of the future, said that everyone was a lazy bum who wanted ‘Freedom From Work”. Many conservatives believe people are their jobs and that you are loved by God because working was blessed. Another Right Wing Value conflict from those who didn’t have to do anything.

The lies of the Cold War, Communist controlled peoples lives. You could not become what you wanted because the Government decided your life. Like that doesn’t happen here in America. You can have and be anything you wanted because you live in a Capitalist Democracy. Which we knew was also lies.

Even educated people cannot get far, unless you come from the right segment of society, you’ll be down for the rest of your life and the doors of opportunity will slam in your face.

Sometimes, if you went through college, you tried to change your life, you would find your self right back where you started.

Of course the system imposes Economic and Social Injustice at every turn. All the Labor laws of the 1970’s have been overturned and workers have no rights in the work place.

A few years ago, I had another job that was like an Orwellian kindergarten. Lots of pressure, childish Write Ups, training in How To Lock Doors.”

They also kept a Video Archive on me, and used photos to write me up. It was sinister.

A worker who reports a safety violation, complains to a senior management about a problem in the workplace, or joins a union may encounter a hostile work environment if the boss retaliates with the intention of trying to force the employee to quit. Examples of hostile work environments similar to this may include spurious performance warnings or changes in wages and hours. Companies will often try to force an employee to quit so they do not have to deal with unemployment insurance issues.
Excessive monitoring is one possible method an employer might use to retaliate against an employee. Courts often favor employers over employee rights regarding such issues, so be aware that everything you do might be recorded, including your internet and phone activity.
Victims of workplace retaliation should do their best to avoid quitting and make well documented complaints to management and government labor agencies. Consulting with an attorney specializing in workplace law might also be able to provide tips for resolving this type of hostile work environment. But you have NO-0 rights and the Bosses can do anything they want.

The Universal Income was a nice dream to have work automate. It was also suppose to provide “Freedom From Work” doing away with mindless meaningless job. Back in the 60’s and 70’s the talk of this happening disappeared, now every person who has to is stuck in and trapped in the world of work. But today, many are unemployed and disposable having to work 1 to 3 jobs, up to 70 hours to make ends meet. 40 hours is now rare. It is time for a Livable Universal Income.

Nominate me for a TEDtak=Living Wage and Universal Income=
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