Economy For 21st Century

How could we have a healthy economy without a positive cash flow? People are fighting for $15 an hour, yet we would need $21 hr for a Living wage.
There is a three pronged approach to entering a 21st Century economy with the thought of Gross National Happiness. We are still living in a 20th Century economy in the 21 st Century.
1. Sustainable Communities 2. Social Economy 3. Altering elements of Economics.
A, Graduated progressive tax. B, closing the IRS. C, reducing military spending by 80% to 90%. D, end all types of Wealth handout programs, E, a Living wage/Living Universal Income.

What drives all economy’s? Money! Money and water work the same. Example. I am a farmer, I must water all my crops so the will grow. The right amount of water must be used. Underwater will hurt some crops, no farmer picks and chooses what crops get water and which ones do not. If there are crop failures money is lost. The produce dies on the vine. The element of picking less loses money. The non arrival at the market means loss.
Then if the farmer gives all the crops water with great care, there is no loss. More is available at market. Jobs are created because there is more to distribute. Jobs mean more spending power for those who beneficial creating more of a beneficial currency. The unwatered dead crops under stimulate the ability for a beneficial economy.

“Water flow makes farms grown, economic flow makes economies grow.”

People are fighting for a Living wage just for that reason. It is people with spending power that make the jobs and the economy, not Wall Street.

Sustainable communities require social progress. They are Smart Growth and Eco minded, ending poverty. Stuff like affordable housing and rent control are important. Communities have died twice.

A Social Economy works in many ways, businesses that benefit culture, art, society, and create work through self reliance and the ability to use talent skills and intelligence. In which a disposable income is necessary.
Low pay/Low UBI will undermine this. Only a Living wage and Living UBI will allow this to happen.

Immediate benefit: Low Crime, Low Addiction, sense of purpose and usefulness.
Ivan Illich wrote a book called “Toward Useful Unemployment” This book described how the UBI can play a part in Social Economy’s. This is our future with the element of Gross National Happiness. Mostly this prevents Austerity.

Example 1: Bob is a former police officer with an idea. Pet Guard Services he calls it. Bob,a retired Police officer, needs the money to make this happen. With a Living Wage/Living UBI, Bob can start a non profit=PGS. PGS will provide Animal Rescue services for Families, Pet Sitter services, work with other professionals and volunteers who need Meaningful Jobs. They will need volunteers, Animal Control and Rescue, Veterinary Assistants. Handle distressed animals if a single own goes to the hospital. PGS can grow in so many ways.

With a Basic Income and Low wage this will never happen. A meaningful economic infrastructure will not exist. No one benefits.

A disposable Income helps to perpetuate a lot of dreams and gets people together to accomplish things. This makes an array of wealth distribution to many sources. A stimulated economy.

EXAMPLE 2: Mike owns Styles Carpets. He went to art school and has experience in the carpet business. Mike wants to distribute artistic, well crafted carpets. The business makes enough to cover overhead, but Mike is not getting paid. There is not enough for Mike to earn a living. He must take extra work for more hours. It is impossible to be happy when someone is not getting where they want, with a livable universal income Mike could have kept his business. Styles carpets closed and went out of business, though it had customers and skilled employees. With his education, talents and skills Mike now works a deli counter at a supermarket making low pay, struggling to get by. His former employees are doing other jobs for less pay and less quality. They are employed in mindless mind numbing work. In NJ there is a 30 hr work week at low wages. Talented and skilled people have been relegated to the bottom. Living with the pain of one day having a job where they can use their minds again.

Lesson: A Living wage/Living Universal Income could have saved these people and allowed them to use what they know. This defeats the notion of Gross National Happiness, or happiness in general.

Only a Living Wage or Living UBI is the answer.


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