Sustainable Cities, Social Economy, LUBI


A social economy: is a third sector among economies between the private (business) and public sectors (government). It includes organizations such as cooperatives, nonprofit organizations, social enterprises and Democratic ESOP’s.

Important:Social economy studies the relationship between economy and social behavior. A social economy develops because of a need for new solutions for issues (social, economic or environmental) and to satisfy needs which have been ignored (or inadequately fulfilled) by the private or public sectors

Sustainable Communities: The term “sustainable communities” has various definitions, but in essence refers to communities planned, built, or modified to promote sustainable living. Sustainable communities tend to focus on environmental and economic sustainability as economic and social justice, urban infrastructure, social equity, and municipal government. The term is sometimes used synonymously with “green cities,” “Eco-communities,” “livable cities” and “sustainable cities.”

We are all living in a 20th Century economy. The mentality even amongst progressive and even UBI activists have not changed. What people need to know is we need to have a trans formative society in which all people experience “Gross National Happiness.”

The current economic models and desired economics are outdated, even in 2017. Not only are we fight for what we lost we are fighting for what we have never had. The new economy for the 21 st Century requires: Newly deigned Cities (Sustainable Communities.) That in which are ecological and economically secure. Meaning an eradication of poverty while plugging into a social economy. 1. Sustainability 2. Economic Security.

Cities have tried to revive and died twice. Th social implications of constant social issue plague the future. Bad city planning, horrible social conditions, and
do nothing to improve the quality of life. The quality for the Many, not just the few.

What Liberals do not understand is that all things a interrelated, The new Communities, Social and economic equality, a Living Wage and a Living UBI all tie into each other.

There is a debate raging and I read an article that some one wants and thinks a $12,000 a year UBI is a good start. It is 20th Century thinking.

It though it is a good start judging by the Democrats and Progressives, they ahve installed programs that fail. Affirmative Action was going to have a 32 hour work week, living wage, job sharing. All we got was Affirmative Action which destroyed the Left in the 80’s.
The $12,000 UBI will create: Alcoholism, a permanent caste system because people will have a low paid life, domestic abuse, increase crime. It would suck away the “Gross National happiness” Factor. It re-enforces class elitism. Because the Jonese have a better income and do better, their kids will have piano lessons, arts, and other indigences. While the Children of the Bergs will be just spectators leading a bitter and resentful life. One group always has something while the other group always has nothing. Besides it is spending power that stimulates the economy.

In A Sustainable Community, there is a mentality towards that which is lasting. A sustainable Community demands a eradication of poverty and quality of life. That tie into a Social Economy.

Example: In a sustainable Community embracing Social Enterprise, the government can have meaningful jobs programs, people can volunteer at jobs and get paid.

Scenario 1: Tino and Joo want to start a Jangu (hour Glass Drum) School. This promotes Korean Culture. with a Living Wage/LUBI, Tino and Joo open a store with drums from Korea and we take on students of all variety for class and live performances. people join the Korean Cultural Association and participate in Live performances. We also could expand into a Mediterranean/Asian Cooking school.

Tino and Joo use their talents to perpetuate Culture and use their talents to stimulate the economy bringing a point of happiness to Hallyu (Korean Wave) fans.
They also cultivate self reliance and self sufficiency because they are free to be fulfilled and full fill others. Gross Local Happiness plays into Gross Nation Happiness. In a low pay world this is impossible. Not to mention, the K Uniform Guys won’t see money, The Drum makers will not see money, the Landlord will not see money, the miscellaneous equipment people will not see money, and the district keeps empty stores. And Social maladies ensue. Gross National Happiness not a factor.

For Sustainable Communities to stay Sustainable requires Economic Stimulation. Economic Stimulation come from a Social Economy, a Living wage and LUBI. Of Course SBA loans and stimulus programs would be a help. But Liberals are into piece meal programs where they turn into political footballs and nothing is ever truly done to solve problems.


The Theory of the Leisure Class (Dover Thrift Editions) Paperback – May 20, 1994
by Thorstein Veblen (Author)



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