The Old Left, The Real Left

When I rejoined the SP-USA in the 90’s I was on a mission. That was to bring back the Left to its original egalitarian state. This would become impossible, there are too many powers, even in the SP that cater to the New Left, which made it a Feminist Party. Some people where denied a vote on that issue and ballots where sent out to select Party members, especially those who would make sure the SP became a Feminist Party. The Carnation logo disappeared, and up went a more Communist looking symbol.

Angelo writes: I wasn’t impressed with your first banal and gross generalization, but frankly you need to look at yourself and hire a proof reader, so that you can figure out what’s wrong with the White Left. Not only does Zeola have a inability to read and comprehend, he attacks because his bigoted values are put to the test.

This is typical of New Left reaction when one writes what they do not want to acknowledge. Angelo is a typical reactionary SJW who labels people and cowardly censors them in response. White Left? Egalitarianism is White Left?

Political labeling is common in the Left, Someone once said to me at a SP-USA convention, “Your White and male, we should send you to racism where you belong.”

Can we send someone to racism? How is that done? Isn’t the idea about garnering Solidarity, and unity, and buildings movement? How do we build a movement with less people?

Angelo also says: Motherf**ker, you are clearly not right in your head. I blocked your hack ass because there is no use feeding into whatever nonsense you want to purvey, that has more holes in it than your cranium. The fact that I called your fascist racist ass out and you got checked burned your ass that much you have the balls. And he tells me about my grammar, who has holes in their cranium? He writes like a special needs student.

Zeola is a typical Jerk Factor Leftist. The coward tries to block me in response, his judgement misunderstanding of what I write was GIGO. Garbage in, Garbage out because of his political brain damage and need to conflict with reality.

The New Left does what conservationism does. 1, Revisionist History, 2, React with hostility, 3 Censor debate, 4, Identifying and labeling 5, Use Violence.

A SP-USA Candidate was once threatened with violence by Trotskists because he was a Social Democrat. The SP never responded to this. The SP is suppose to be a big umbrella party-Social Democrats eventually get kicked out.

Greg Pason has frequently removed me and Mel Little from SP discussions because we question him. In NJ he places himself on the ballot for Senate. Yet, there is never a SP-USA Presidential candidate on the ballot (800 signers needed, NJ is an easier State). SP-Radical Democracy? Really?

When I was in the SP Religious Commission, Socialist Christians would shut everyone else out. Buddhist did not have a say and where ignored. When I quoted Norman Thomas, “If Religion where to save the world, it would have long ago.” Members of the Religious Commission requested to have me kicked out of the SP.
(All Parties should have a Science Commission rather.)

There was a time, as the Left gets antsy about Blacks and Hispanics that I once requested a initiative to enlist Blacks in the Party. The response, Bro Rozzo, Soul Brother Rozzo. And other racist crap like that.

In a discussion with the former Socialist Mayor of Milwaukee, Frank P Zieldler, even he was concerned about the racial hierarchies and direction the New Left was going and wondered why he would continue in such a movement.

Another distortion of Left History in America is that the Old Left failed. It did, but it was better then, than now. The New left has not achieved much of anything since the 70’s.

The Old Left had seen Socialist Mayors, changes that influence the Democratic Party, some of the New Deal, Civil Rights, and Social Activism had come from the Old Left.
The New Left has achieved, well, not much. The alienation socialism and liberalism is what made Nixon and Reagan happen.

The New leaders of the Left are mostly Free Market Lefties. Published books, lucrative lecture tours, garner support like a Star Trek convention with all the fiction involved and brain washed advocates gathering like a Klan rally.

The New left hates historic facts. When it comes to Columbus (A Tyrant in every sense of the word), there is the mention, The Mediterraneans who came to America where diseased, dirty and smelled like garlic. They where violent and hated the Natives. Columbus brought Europeans to exploit the Natives and kill them.

It was not Columbus, well partly. It was actually Mendoza. When Mendoza discovered there was a missing Chemical element in Silver and shale, the same element available in European Shale, Mendoza added that chemical element. Silver separated from shale and that was it for Native Americans. When Europe saw silver there was a mad rush to the New World.

Well folks, do not go to Racism, go to the American Labor Party. The Real Left is back. The Reactionary, new fake left needs to go.


3 thoughts on “The Old Left, The Real Left

  1. “The New left has not achieved much of anything since the 70’s.”
    The New Left hasn’t existed since the 70s.

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