Apartheid in America

Years ago the War on Poverty was declared, Affirmative Action was installed, and many social programs where placed. With Reagan and the following Presidents and Government has done was declare a new class war. But is the class war also a race war. YES! Blacks and Hispanics are subject to poverty, and slum like condition.
Lack of affordable low cost housing and poor planning encourages the supply side of slums.The Millennium Development Goals proposes that member nations should make a “significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers” by 2020. If member nations succeed in achieving this goal, 90% of the world total slum dwellers may remain in the poorly housed settlements by 2020. Blacks and hispanics are subject to systemic Racism, so art Native Americans. Urban poverty encourages the formation and demand for slums. With rapid shift from rural to urban life, poverty migrates to urban areas. The urban poor arrives with hope, and very little of anything else. He or she typically has no access to shelter, basic urban services and social amenities. Slums are often the only option for the urban poor.
Camden NJ: Camden was once a manufacturing boomtown, home to RCA Victor, Campbell’s Soup and the biggest shipbuilding company in the world. But once industrial jobs began drying up decades ago – as they did in so many other cities across the United States – many people left for greener pastures.

Then came a crushing blow: the race riots of 1969 and 1971, which left the city mortally wounded. In the decades that followed, civic corruption and mismanagement rendered Camden increasingly poor and violent. Three mayors have been indicted in the past few decades, adding to the sense of hopeless among residents.
When one goes through Camden, for decades it looks like London during the blitz.

“America has decided to concentrate its poor,” said Father Doyle. “The wall around Camden is very high, it’s an economic wall. You can’t get over it.”

The solutions that could have been installed never where. When Affirmative Action was placed there was discussion of a 30 hour work week, living wage, job sharing and workers rights. This never happened. The Democrats have compromised to to many half way almost solutions policies. While 54% of the Budget goes to the Military, a 90% reduction could induce urban renewal with out gentrification.

The solution to today’s problems would be focused urban renewal, a Universal Income, improvement on education. The system cannot continue damaging people and not expect negative reactions.
Economic abuse is a form of abuse when one a group of people are subject to systemic racism and driven in to poverty. The result f criminal activity is the sign of being deprive disallowence of people to be treated like human beings. By denying the victim access to money, such as forbidding the victim from maintaining a bank account, he or she is totally financially dependent the system, food, clothing and other necessities. In some cases the government may withhold those necessities. Welfare recipients are forced to “Tow The Line”, If one does not do as the government orders, one can be penalized and funding can be removed. If someone makes a mistake in the welfare forms, the government can reduce a $75 check down to $59.
Welfare workers do not see that is is appreciable and a human rights violation.
People tend to place moral judgements on people who are damaged by poverty. It is a sociological issues that must be deal with with hope and improvement and solutions that work.
It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another — or the belief that another person is less than human — because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person. It has influenced wars, slavery, the formation of nations, and legal codes.

In Florida contractors had built a luxury condo. The condo units where not selling. The Condo Landlords decided to invite welfare recipients in to the Condo as the Government supplied the funding. Of course people went on to get jobs and made some improvements. The situation for these people improved as the crime rated plummeted.

Racism may not disappear to easily, it is entrench in the values of many. Especially in the Deep South. The Governments needs to declare war on poverty, racism, and socials concerns taking away focus from Corporate welfare and an over bloated military. Time to initiate policy of Gross National Happiness.

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