White privilege Myths and Facts

NOTE: I don’t always agree with some video content. But some elements of the video are truthful. Yes, there is White Privilege, we have always known that. Easyonme makes some good points though. But this like many other PC (Politically Correct) elements are counter productive.

Only in America! When I was a kid, I thought I was a least a bit more privileged than most people. I felt very lucky about life. then Nixon was elected and life became tougher and I had a few rude awakenings. As an Italian American who looked Mediterranean, I was unacceptable in society. The Civil Rights Movement didn’t help. In fact The system applied programs for appeasement. I was not subject to any of them.
When I went to school Blacks where more hostile to whites, then whites hostile to blacks. Blacks in school frequently bullied whites. We moved after a while for several reasons, wanted a better less hostile place to live. It was not just about blacks, it was about our attempted on our house to be robbed. This was mostly attempted by white people.
Also, a friend of mine who lived in Philadelphia, who happens to be Jewish had to leave his neighborhood. He was also forced out. They talk about White flight as if whites where racist, many do not tell that blacks had forced whites to move due to hostility.

Let us look at bit of History. When whites came form Europe, they frequently where discriminated against because by others because of were foreign (The Irish hated the Italians for instance). They along with others worked in very abusive conditions n factories and other exploitation jobs. White people and others formed Unions and fought for their rights and to end Child Slavery, Workers rights, and better living conditions. A WW2 came about, before there was something known as the age of Industrial Violence, where many people, specially whites where very hostile and aggressive toward fights for Worker Justice. WW2 defused that. after WW2, whites had enormous privilege. Michael Harrington wrote about that is his book, “The Other America.”

Yet, rural blacks and Whites suffer economic distress, as if the depression never ended. But we must also must remember it was white politicians that brought about women’s suffrage, the New Deal, The War on Poverty. Today it is as if we lost everything. Whites who where once prosperous in the middle class where defeated by Reagan and Clinton. Exportation of Labor has eroded once prosperous industrial communities. A lot of whites are now on heroine as their communities economically plummet.

White privilege at it’s worse: I have been subject to white privilege also. Whites who have achieved something are subject to betterment. In towns like Ridgewood, NJ and Glenn Rock where people have professional jobs make sure their children have the best of everything, education, opportunities, special treatment. I once heard some girl meander, “isn’t America great! I went to college on a boat one semester. The encouragement was incredible. Only in America can we go to school on a boat.”

The children of white people from these communities where and still are very obnoxious and aware that they did (there families) better than everyone else. And they took every opportunity to brag about their parents gave them. A lot of lower class whites and minorities had no access to these opportunities.

Liberalism and the Left cater to the mentality of white privilege of what whites have. In College some said to me, “Shouldn’t we fell guilty for what we did to blacks?” Really “We”? My family came off the boat and busted there asses in industry to earn what they had, not speaking English very well and subject to discrimination and fighting slave labor with the Unions.”

People of white privilege didn’t need to form Unions, it was those who lacked white privilege. The Leftists meandering of White privilege political identifying and actually prevents Blacks and other from issues being resolved and distracts from solutions to the needs of everyday people. And it is a solidarity buster.

Karl Marx said. “The History of man kind is one more powerful group oppressing another less powerful group.”

Once again this is some leftists attempt to create competing interest groups in a manner of separating people and divisiveness. I have always maintain there is such a thing as liberal bigotry and the topic of white privilege is just that. It does exist, but superior people will always feel superior.

What Eugene V Debs noted after meeting wealthy blacks, “What happened to blacks in a America is a worse crime, but the class war is the same for everyone.” After meeting wealthy blacks, he found they where no different from there wealthy white counter parts.

The left loads itself with divisive horse shit from time to time, and this stuff should be topic. How about the Livable Universal Income, Eco communities, education reform, Urban renewal with out gentrification.

Lets end the topic of White Privilege and get something done.

NOTE: The PC Police will not be able to handles this article because of their own inexperienced contrived point of view. As Jack Nicholson said in a movie. “Truth! You can’t handle the Truth.”


4 thoughts on “White privilege Myths and Facts

  1. You get so close, and then whiff it…

    Around 5:34 “And in the racial wage gap, you can see white people make way more money than black or Latino people. But … this has all to do with culture. More blacks and Latinos are in low-income areas than any other race.”

    Yeah, but you never ask WHY they are there! WHY do blacks have less intergeneration wealth? WHY are they concentrated in these poor areas?
    It’s because of past racism on the part of whites.

    Redlining is a perfect example. Banks and housing institutions used to systematically deny services to black people. If a white kid’s grandpa had a great idea, he made a business and became successful. If a black kid’s grandpa had a great idea, he was denied the business loan, denied the insurance against loss, denied the warehouse space, etc etc… So white grandpa passes down a house or two to his grandkids. Black grandpa — with the same good idea — doesn’t get to pass down anything. Which grandkid is going to have an easier time in life, and who’s fault is it?

    Also, learn the difference between “where” and “were” — you get it wrong pretty much every single time.

    1. There are too many things to touch up on. Keep in mind poor whites and poor blacks go through many of the same things, and of course differences. I usually edit before distribution, distro is due on Saturday. I should put up a warning that the blog is not done, editing is needed..

    2. Oh, thanks for the Grammar Nazi critique, I am going to do my next piece on systemic racism. Sad to say too many white folks such as yourself get caught up in The PC (politically correct)mindset. This smashed solidarity. Even in the Left people can’t handle the truth which is also a ignorant feature of the Left. Leftists can be just as bad as their Right Wing Counterparts. Your analogy is off since so many Blacks have opposite results. I am not trying to offend, but you seem to lack experience and use a Straw Man argument. One could write an encyclopedia of situations. I agree with you on some stuff, but there is way too much too talk about. I don’t cater to guilty feeling white folks, but on the other hand, next up, I will do a view on racism.

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