Low Pay Socio Economic Condition


I saw a important MEME. The MEME conveys a message I always have conveyed. The Left should be fighting for Economic conditions like Europe, rather so much for social issues.
As we are fighting for a $15 an hour wage, we should actually fight for $21 and hour. In many countries, people are living the American Dream with more quality than Americans.
We have settled for less for too long. Social Security pays a meager income in which seniors suffer greatly. Seniors have medicare and medicaid which requires Co-pays and minimal coverage. Welfare and food stamps, TANF, pay meager stipend with punishments if you do not obey. If you are on disability or unemployment you will lose 1/3 of your pay. We have settled for less for too long.
Mr Jones tells me: I worked as a Computer Operator and made great money once. When the new mainframe came in, me and other employees where laid off. I never worked in my industry again and had to accept low pay because the new computer eliminated workers. I couldn’t keep a wife and kids and had to move to a Socially Retarded area I am very unhappy with. I would like to live in my homeland, but forced to live in a inferior environment in some podunk community. If you ask me, gentrification is a human rights abuse. Now I work for Walmart at $15,000 a year. Who could live on that? There are now people from his area who have also relocated. Consensus says they hate living there. We lost our culture, our environment, our people and our homeland.
For years, the borough’s name, Bushwick, has been virtually synonymous with gentrification, and on no street in Brooklyn are its effects more evident than on Atlantic Avenue, where, earlier this summer, a local bodega protesting its impending departure in the face of a rent hike, put up sarcastic window signs advertising “Bushwick baked vegan cat food” and “artisanal roach bombs.”

Just down the block from that bodega are the headquarters of Right to the City, a national alliance of community-based organizations that since 2007 has made it its mission to fight “gentrification and the displacement of low-income people of color.” For too long, organizers with the alliance say, people who otherwise profess concern for the poor have tended to view gentrification as a mere annoyance, as though its harmful effects extended no further than the hassles of putting up with pretentious baristas and overpriced lattes. Changing this perception is the first order of business for Right to the City: Gentrification, as these organizers see it, is a human-rights violation. Most people cannot afford the homes they grew up in.
And it is not just about people of color.

Low wages also cause a multitude of social problems. 1, High Crime, 2, Urban Squalor, 3, High Drug Use/Alcoholism, 4, Poor education 5, Violence.

With out a Living Wage many lives become part of a caste system. Academic Intellectuals and Trust Fund Liberals do not get of the rest of us. One problem needs to solve other problems, low pay of $15,000 to $20,000 a year is a recipe for disaster. Settling for less is a proven failure. Like the Affordable Health Care Act, the US was determined take anything as a start. It doesn’t take long for Republicans to bash the daylights out of beneficial programs when not installed right or settled for less. Look at Obama Care now. The problem is Academic Intellectual Liberals still have good pay and live superior lives and do not have to deal with the misery of their policies.

Many former industrial towns in the USA are now hell holes. Tony Bourdain did a episode of his show. Tony headed inland to Franklin County, MA to explore the heroin epidemic that’s spreading throughout this and other New England towns.

“Rural towns are now ground zero for the heroin epidemic,” Bourdain informs what-might-be a surprised audience.

He meets with a local narcotics detective and dealer-turned-informant for a glimpse at how this epidemic began. She explains how she needed the money to support her family, couldn’t get a job, and quickly started making money as a dealer.

The dangers of low pay also mean criminal dangers for kids and adults a like. The unhealthy environments of low pay and no social safety net destroys the quality of life. Low pay does nothing to stimulate the economy either.


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