Establishment Democrats: Ball Washers

Establishment Democrats,  Or Demopiblicans  are Republicans in Democrat Clothing. These Party members despise the FDR, Kennedy era and are tied deeply to Wall Street.

There is nothing new about this. The Establishment Dems are just as viscous as the Republicans.

“Let me suggest to you, and some will disagree with me and that’s okay, too. But let me suggest to you that what happened on November 8. Trump’s victory was not a victory for Trump or his ideology. It was a gross political failure of the Democratic Party,” said Sanders, who went on to explain his perspective on why Donald Trump won and where the Democratic Party> has gone astray.” Bernie Sanders

“Let me also tell you something again where people may disagree with me. If you think everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist or a sexist or a homophobe, you would be dead wrong,” he said. “Many of those folks—and I met them all over this country—are hard-working, decent people, but they are asking questions like how does it happen I am working longer hours for lower wages? How does it happen that almost all of the new income and wealth in this country is going to the top one percent? How does it happen that as a single mother I cannot afford childcare for my baby? How does it happen that my kids will in all likelihood have a lower standard living.

who insisted on running the weakest Democratic candidate in history—with record unfavorable ratings along with a pending corruption investigation—are now speeding onto TV news airwaves to minimize Clinton’s defeat.

“The message to both parties right now should be we need to find ways to work together to speak to the American public,” New Jersey Senator Cory Booker told Chuck Todd on Sunday.

Get that substance-less, talking point drivel out of here!
After all, Democrats like Booker are the reason Donald Trump was elected.  According to CrowdPac’s data of campaign contributions dating back to 1980, Booker tops all Democrats in Wall Street donations, with 12.4% of his checks coming from the money men and women.
This brand of neoliberalism, which began in the 1980s and accelerated under President Clinton in the 90s, tosses around tag lines like “party of the working class” while having fundraisers with the special interests stomping on said working class.

The Establishment Democrats are using The Russians to hide fixed elections by the DNC.
They have done nothing for the people of Flint Michigan who are contaminated with lead poisoning.

It appears Democrats in the Maine Legislature are splitting on the minimum wage, with at least six Democratic representatives and two senators breaking with their party to co-sponsor legislation to roll back part of the minimum wage increase just passed by statewide referendum.

In January, tipped workers, like restaurant servers, received their first raise in eight years, with their base wage going from $3.75 to $5 an hour. Under the new law, they’ll continue to see gradual increases over the next ten years until the subminimum tipped wage reaches the full minimum wage.

Seven states already have no subminimum wage for tipped workers, and many more have higher tipped wages than Maine.

Governor Paul LePage, however, vehemently opposes raising the tipped wage and has railed against the voter-approved minimum wage increase at nearly every public event and media appearance in the months since the election.

The Democrats who are co-sponsoring Republican bills to implement the minimum wage cut are:
Sen. Bill Diamond (Cumberland County)
Sen. Jim Dill (Penobscot County)
Rep. Robert Alley (Beals)
Rep. Martin Grohman (Biddeford)
Rep. Brian Hubbell (Bar Harbor)
Rep. Louis Luchini (Ellsworth)
Rep. Anne-Marie Mastraccio (Sanford)
Rep. Catherine Nadeau (Winslow)
In a close contest at the DNC meeting in Atlanta, Ellison lost 235-200 to Tom Perez, the former Obama Administration Labor Secretary. The winner was determined by the first to win 218 votes. However, in one of his first acts after being elected, Perez offered Ellison the position of deputy chair, which he accepted.

Ellison will continue to hold his congressional seat, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported. He had said that he would leave it if he were elected.

Tom Perez admitted that the Election was rigger and made later to apologize and retract his comment.
Salil Habibi Says:

Establishment Democrats work against us just as much as Republicans. The Pinelands commission now is allow a Pipeline to go through the Pine Barrens in NJ.
Many Bernie Sanders supporters were hopeful that Sanders-backed Keith Ellison would emerge victorious from the election, as he was representing the progressive wing of the Democratic Party that many believed needed a takeover.

Tom Perez was the former Labor Secretary in the Barack Obama administration and represented the establishment that pushes centrism and corporate donations, which the progressive wing of the party feverishly wanted to be expelled.

With Ellison losing and Tom Perez winning, surely there is some bright spot for Sanders supporters to be able to find hope and motivation for the next election with the Democratic Party?
These corporate Democrats are the direct cause of third parties’ formation, third party votes, and refusal to vote period. If the Democrats continue to shun the progressives and Bernie Sanders supporters, the Democratic Party will go on to lose elections until they finally lose power or they eventually are reorganized.



One thought on “Establishment Democrats: Ball Washers

  1. “These Party members despise the FDR, Kennedy era and are tied deeply to Wall Street?” Mrs FDR (Eleanor) despised the Kennedys and said she would have nothing t o do with that “McCarthyite brood.” Kennedy’s treasury secretary was a “republican” and his economic program was a tax cut that lowered the top rate.

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