The Leisure Culture UBI Papers #4

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I remember an old episode from the Doctor Who 1963-88 series. The plot contained a view of an over entertained society that could defend itself, too much leisure, not enough reality (time and The Rani). Later 60 Minutes would have an Episode about Kuwait. The issues was the Kuwait’s citizens where too well of and didn’t seem to need to try hard. Teachers complained the students are too comfortable.

An episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9 had a similar theme. When the Captain was facing a serious problem and noted that the Earth has become a virtual paradise.

In the possibility of a universal basic income, that problem may arise.  Too much comfort and leisure. It is not up to the Government nor a Political Part to impose its values on others.  The UBI should always be unconditional.

People also can get easily board and need guidance toward useful employment. We should make jobs extinct and call them meaningful occupations.

Already decent people are no going to cause trouble. They myth people will go wild in the streets and drink is a fairytail.

Transforming the education system would help.  Teaching children survival skills and responsibility would be a big help. Home economics and home repair skills along with shop classes. Not just reading, writing and Arithmetic. The Darwinism must be taken out of schools and replaced with a encouragement and growth system that enhances self confidence and self ability. Teaching kids to be self confident is important.

There is nothing wrong with leisure, it is important across the lifespan and can facilitate a sense of control and self-worth.  People specifically, can benefit from physical, social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual aspects of leisure. Leisure engagement and relationships are commonly central to “successful” and satisfying aging.  For example, engaging in leisure with their families can enhance feelings of generative-ness, whereby older adults achieve well-being by leaving a legacy beyond themselves for future generations.[

Since I have a black belt in Haidong Gumdo, there are the values projected.

In Brazil, kids are paid to go to school to learn Martial Arts.  But what ever is to need to be a functional adult those abilities need to be honed. Perhaps a new type of job field can open up.

After the schooling process there should be a voluntary 2 year program of mentoring where people are employed in helping others learn a trade and life skills needed to be a successful adult. Many tribes around the world hone youngsters into entrance of adulthood. Here is where the UBI ca create meaningful jobs.

Introducing discipline  is the suppression of base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with self-control restraint and control. Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one’s desires, which may be the opposite of excited. Virtuous behavior can be described as when one’s values are aligned with one’s aims: to do what one knows is best and to do it gladly. A sense of Civic Mindedness would be a plus.

It was easy to spend more time than planned at the computer (e.g., working, gaming, or chatting), and this tended to lead to time pressure, neglect of other activities and personal needs (such as social interaction, sleep, physical activity), as well as bad ergonomics, and mental overload.

I have found I spent too much time on line, than practicing my musical instruments. Music is a discipline and a job. It take ergonomics and efforts. When missing out on my responsibility I feel bad about it.

Further, If  I where a young musician and neglecting developing my skills to perform with a band or group, then how could I play efficiently with others. Many people have gotten tossed out of bands because they couldn’t discipline themselves with the hard work it takes to be part of a band or group.

Even when playing Jangu with a Korean group, if you cannot concentrate on cadences, it messes things up. But I created a vocation, I go to a Korean Methodist Church and teach the youngsters how to play and we perform live at events. This is an occupation and becomes a “JOB”

But developing person-hood and survival skills are important. Learning the world is not a always positive place takes action and the ability to take on adverse circumstances.



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