Basic Income Papers #2

Liberalism is America has failed us many times. The Democratic Party ha let us down frequently with Almost Solutions and Patch up programs meant to appease. Lets Look at Martin O’Mally, the primary presidential candidate. His idea was that Free Education that Bernie Sanders wanted was unreal. His idea was the lower the coast of Pell Grant returns.

The program would have turned into another political foot, non solution, and a case of future decades of dispute.  Democratic Liberal policies are weak and flimsy. The Reagan administration is one example on how Awful the Demcrats policies where and pulled them apart.

The Basic Universal Income will be the same victim if the Democrats decide we could live on dog food money.  The war on poverty failed because welfare came to an end and now exists as a pimping service.

There is one (horrifying) theme in the Democratic Party, it has has betrayed its natural constituency of labor and the poor, and is constantly trying (and succeeding) to outrun Republicans by doing more damage to the social structure than Republicans profess, thus stealing their thunder. “It has become Democratic thinking that the common people are at last being treated as they deserve to be.” They do it with “professionals”.

The Democrats have decided to put all their eggs in one basket: professionals. They staff their offices with them, just like the Republicans use only lawyers from the Federalist Society. Their backers are Wall Street executives, because the Democrats are at least as generous to Wall Street as the Republicans when in power. For the wealthy, it’s a win-win. Doesn’t matter who gets in. So while Republicans consider their base the uneducated, bootstrap entrepreneurs who create jobs, the Democrats consider their base the highly educated, networked professionals who create jobs. Two sides of the same coin. And neither one can be bothered with the rest of the population except when vote-gathering. Then, for a brief period, it’s all about inequality and jobs.
The dangers of installing the UBI is know how Liberals think, the same destructive mentality as the Affordable Health Care Act. As long as we have something, which has already  turned into nothing. It was a betrayal from the beginning.

I interviewed a few people and asked.

If a Universal Income where installed and you received $12,000 a year, what would that mean?

Peter: That would be a good start, but if I lost my job, how would that pay for food and fuel? We would all be wealthy homeless people.

Paul: I see, we would need hot plates in our cars just to eat. $22,000 a year is horrible.

Mary: Yes that would erode with inflation. People would be steeped in inescapable social problems.

Peter: As a sociologist, that would bring up the crime rate, spousal abuse, alcoholism, homelessness and mental illness. The suicide rate would sky rocket. Look at the suicide rate around here. Even low income people kill themselves. The pressure to live would be to too great.

Mary: Seniors would be forced to work, yet, women would have to enter the sex trade, men probably sell drugs.

Paul: The lack of a living wage is hard enough. We are settling for $15 wage it should be $22. People will not discuss that. We learned to settle for less.

Tino: The Democrats have a history of failure because as liberals go, there are still marred into big business and embellish upper class standards. Intellectuals get it enough, yet while they have a well paid life also, they will not feel our crunch.

Paul: Intellectuals play life at a safe place. No one is against intelligence or intellect, but when that is someones job, one can see they are comfortable.

Tino: The failures because they are into theories and don’t have to live the life. When your as an individual don’t feel the pinch, there is a social gap there.

Marry: Right so, with escalating rent, lack of national health care, foreclosures, the inability to afford quality living. Even people who want to help, are  settling for less, like Obama Care.

Peter: The lack of a qualitative life, like environment, affordable housing, turning away from fossil fuels, ecological sustainable communities, these are issues that play in. Thus the cost of living. Who wants to live in a motel? Who wants substandard living?

Paul: There would be a lack of access to culture of variety. Like Nutritious food,  the ability to obtain basic entertainment. The ability to keep your belongings. A life of settling for less. There are lives at stake here also. No economic stimulation.

Tino: The reasons I am a Socialist and not a Liberal are for the reasons we are discussing.  I am an intellectual with an average life with an average job. I know the struggles of ordinary people. People like John Spritzler of New Democarcy and PDR are out of touch.

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