We Should be Democratists

What is a Democractist? It is one who adheres to the principles of Democracy. government in which the supreme power is in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.
People believe that a country calling itself a democracy must be engaged in direct (or pure) democracy, in which the people of a state or region vote directly for policies, rather than elected representatives who make choices on their behalf. People who follow this line of reasoning hold that the United States is more properly described as a oligarchy, using the following definition of that word: ”a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.”
President Washington recognizes that it is natural for people to organize and operate within groups such as political parties, but he also argues that every government has recognized political parties as an enemy and has sought to repress them because of their tendency to seek more power than other groups and to take revenge on political opponents. He feels that disagreements between political parties weakened the government.
Moreover, he makes the case that “the alternate domination” of one party over another and coinciding efforts to exact revenge upon their opponents have led to horrible atrocities, and “is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.” From Washington’s perspective and judgment, political parties eventually and “gradually incline the minds of men to seek security. in the absolute power of an individual”, leading to despotism. He acknowledges the fact that parties are sometimes beneficial in promoting liberty in monarchies, but argues that political parties must be restrained in a popularly elected government because of their tendency to distract the government from their duties, create unfounded jealousies among groups and regions, raise false alarms among the people, promote riots and insurrection, and provide foreign nations and interests access to the government where they can impose their will upon the country. As we see with the Democrats and Republicans, they play political team sports which has nothing to do with the interests of the people. In effect they are both opposed to Democracy. Other Parties like the Greens think they are the ones and have all the answers. Repackaged Socialism.
The American Labor Party/Independent Socialist Party is a Democratist Party.
Other Socialist Parties are failures at this and control their members. The ALP is Democratic Socialist and Libertarian at the same time. We believe in all the elements of Social Democracy yet elements of Libertarian ism.
That which uphold liberty. A view which seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing the value of political freedom, voluntary association, and the importance of individual judgment. Liberty, in philosophy, involves free will as contrasted with determinism. In politics, liberty consists of the social and political freedoms to which all community members are entitled. Unlike Right wing Libertarians we do not believe in the virtue of selfishness.
We don’t need more government, or less government, but adequate government.
Government is a good entity.
Whether we need more government in this country really depends on the answer to three other questions. First, is there room for improvement in government programs? Have we reached the limits of what government can do in most policy areas, or could expanding these current programs produce significant added benefits for the public? Second, are any of our current social and economic problems worsening? Are we facing new and serious threats to our well being? If so, this would logically indicate the need for more government. And finally, can we rely on markets and individual effort to solve these current and emerging problems? If so, then we don’t need more government.
Lees Government when it comes to TANF, Welfare, and Unemployment in which can replaced with a Universal Income. National Health Care, less administration, dissolving the electoral college because if its unfairness, A Graduated Progressive tax that would eliminate the IRS. Scaling back on the FCC and restoring the Fairness Doctrine. The fact that we lag behind our democratic neighbors in so many policy areas demonstrates unequivocally that our government could accomplish even more than it has done already. There is a real possibility that increased government efforts could do much more to improve our lives in significant ways. The greater success of other democratic governments in addressing serious economic and social problems shows that it can be done and that we could be following their lead.
That is why we are Democratic Socialists fostering Social Democracy.


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