We Maybe Doomed, But It Isn’t Over Yet

Now that the election is over, we can analyze the results. Hillary Clinton lost because of several reasons.

Cheating Sanders out of NY, AZ,PR, an CA.

  1. Benghazi Emails.
  2. She is not trust worthy, and a war hawk.
  3. Embarrassing 90’s Presidency by her husband.

But it still isn’t over, if the Electoral College does its job.

The Democrats have been trying to dumped the progressive elements for a long time now, changing away from being a Liberal Party.Donald Trump has won the Presidency even with an appalling and racist attitude. But wait Can Sanders still become President? Later on that.

It is entirely possible — and even Constitutionally acceptable — that we could be spared from his leadership.  For that, we can thank the Electoral College.  We take for granted every four years that the Electoral College will vote accordingly to the winners of each state’s popular vote.

But there is nothing in the Constitution, federal law or electoral history saying it has to be that way. The Electoral College has the freedom to override the people’s choice — in part, to expressly stop someone like Trump from taking over.

The Constitution says electors cannot be senators, representatives or anyone “holding an Office of Trust or Profit” in the federal government. Beyond that, electors can be… anyone. Most are members of local governments, or civilians with strong political ties, who are nominated by political parties.

If all goes according to plan, all of each state’s electors vote for the candidate who won the state’s popular vote. The only exceptions are Maine and Nebraska, which have a “district system,” with two electors voting for the state’s popular winner while the other electors cast one vote for each congressional district’s popular winner.

Historically, there is not much precedent for this.

Save for one occasion — in 1836 — there has never been more than one faithless elector in any election. Faithless, un-pledged and blank voters have never made a significant mark on the College’s outcome.

There have been only four instances of a popular vote winner becoming an Electoral College loser — all for reasons that were wildly different, and not driven by a flip-flop coup:

  • 1824: The only time the traditional fall-back procedure came into play. In the contest between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, neither earned the majority of electoral votes; the House chose Adams.
  • 1876: Samuel Tilden beat Rutherford Hayes for the Electoral College majority, but 20 of those votes were disputed; after Democrats and Republicans struck a compromise over Reconstruction, those 20 votes went to Hayes.
  • 1888: Incumbent Grover Cleveland won reelection in a tight popular vote, but challenger Benjamin Harrison narrowly beat him in crucial swing states; the Electoral College vote went to Harrison.

Each state is assigned so many electoral votes and whichever candidate wins the popular vote in that state wins that state’s electoral votes.

For example, when Donald Trump wins Texas, he will be awarded 38 electoral college votes.

There are 538 electoral votes total.

What if there were a way to take three electoral college votes away from Hillary Clinton and award them to someone else, say Bernie Sanders?

We take a state with a small population and we organize a write-in campaign for Bernie Sanders.If only there were a state with an incredibly small population, where all the people who lived there loved Bernie Sanders.

86% of Vermont Democrats voted for Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton in their state’s primary.

Bernie Sanders was a very popular mayor and Congressman there.

He is currently the most beloved Senator in America and still representing the great state of Vermont.

Bernie Sanders has the respect of many Republican Senators because he is the head of the Senate Veterans Committee and has done a legendary job of passing veteran’s legislation.

Bernie Sanders is to the Democratic Party what Donald Trump is to the Republican Party.

Just as a Trump Presidency would greatly damage the Republicans, a Sanders Presidency would greatly damage the Democratic Party, who seek only to satisfy their corporate owners.

Hope is not lost. But Maybe we could understand the Two Party System will probably initiate the mindless sheep conformist vote. We need a miracle, this will prove once and for all that the Electoral College is useless if Trump is voted in as President.


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