Perils of the Universal Income

I will discuss the 2016 presidential debate later. I have an issue on my mind. The perils of the Universal Income.
With the attention given to social issues problems of crime and abuse my develop with the UI.
Many parents are abusers and are willing to steal money from their children through blackmail, intimidation, and greed. I know people who worked for DYFS: Division f Youth and Family Services.
Parents have taken money from your kids’ piggy bank or savings account. Lots of parents have, and many do it without guilt. Yet this practice may breed mistrust, rob children of valuable practice managing their own money and trust, and imply approval of what most would describe as bad behavior.

Nearly one in three parents admit to “borrowing” from their kids’ piggy bank, according to the latest T. Rowe Price Parents, Kids and Money survey. A different survey last year from money website CouponCodes4u found that half of parents occasionally raid their kids bank account, and that half of those who do feel no guilt. Half also said they never paid back the “loan.” This happens mostly in the United States.

Times are tough for many, no doubt. Households struggling with debt and bills may have few other choices than to take cash from the kids. Two-thirds of parents who quietly take money use it to pay monthly bills and debt service, the earlier survey shows. Still, these are stunning findings. For one thing, a third of these parents use the money for family vacations and gifts. That’s not exactly selfish. But it’s definitely more difficult to justify.

I many ways even parents who make good money, along with parents who make horrible money,  steal from their children and other adults..
Even on a regular basis the system doesn’t care about abused children. Social programs in America are a nightmare. And set up with little care because people do not count as much as people with power and influence.

In most parts of society, stealing and bribery are jailable offenses. Not at home with your kids’ piggy bank.

Adult children of abusive parents can only reference what they were taught and don’t know to think any other way, this is excuseism and nonsense. This is greed, horrible behavior, sometimes mental illness and other factors. A lot of children of a buse grow up well despite their parents.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that state and local authorities investigated 3.7 million cases of suspected child abuse in 2008. Child abuse is not only physical violence, it also includes emotional abuse and neglect, all of which leave lasting scars because children grow up in a state of fear and without the clear boundaries they need for healthy psychological and social development, according to Prevent Child Abuse New York notes that most child abuse occurs when parents are unable to cope with stress factors in their lives. Child abuse is not limited to certain sectors of society; it crosses all social, economic and ethnic lines.

There are simple solutions for older teens. The government needs to establish a program for emancipation and relocation for young adults. Even adults with out means of escape from other adults this assistance should apply.
Parents who struggle with anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses are less able to cope with the stresses of parenting and may be more likely to engage in child abuse, according to People with these disorders have difficulty caring for themselves and are even less able to care for others. They may be withdrawn and neglectful or quick to anger and more prone to physical violence. Treatment of the disorder will improve coping abilities and decrease the chances of child abuse.
Safe harbors children and adults who need to run away from their parents need to have access to apartments and quality affordable housing. With the current system this may be impossible for many reasons, mostly real estate greed.

When I speak to abused wives who need to get away from their husbands, the government provides low quality shelter and substandard meals. The politicians taught this as a great achievement, but in reality it is a dismal program where people are controlled by the government.

A least a Universal Income backed with social program that frees people even from the grips of a controlling government. Money changes things, money frees people. Money solves a lot of problems.

When Basic Income organizations get together, this is a topic for intellectual and social discussion to prevent future crimes that can incur. This is a serious matter.


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