Don’t Lose Faith In Bernie

We are all wondering why Bernie Sanders is endorsing Hillary Clinton. I can think of several reasons.
One, Bernie knows he is fighting a different battle. Senate Democrats have booed him, he knows she has all the power.
Bernie said he does not want to be a spoiler. That can be a myth when statistics show he could be the first independent party candidate.
The Democrats say they have adopted most of Bernie Sanders agenda. What can we expect? Norman Thomas noted that the Democrats have brought out the progressive agenda on a stretcher.
So, what will become of us? It is doubtful we will have National Health Care, A Universal Income, and a war on poverty. Hillary Clinton is a war politician and pro Wall Street. The wealthy always come first, and always have.
Bernie once said what America needs is a strong independent Labor Party (We started the American Labor Party.) I once asked him to join and help.
So where do we go from here? Growing the ALP for one. Still fight for a Democratic Socialist Agenda.
But it would be difficult. 13 States are ballot access friendly, it is always impossible to get on the ballot in all 50 States. The Democrats get the lawyers to remove Independent challengers. The deck is stacked against Democracy.
With the CIA, Pentagon, NSA, Wall Street in partner we have a secret government junta that will not relinquish power. That constitutes a secret shadow government that will impose power.
But what about California? 800,000 votes go uncounted, Bernie has won by a landslide. And there was too much DNC cheating. Changing Registrations, switch Parties, popping people off the ballot. Jeff Arenet has press RICO Charges against Hillary and the DNC, but these may take place too late.
The courts are guaranteed not to deliver justice. As Bill Clinton and The Attorney General met in Phoenix Arizona on a jet, there was obvious legal manipulation, conflict of interest. Corruption was pretty obvious.
We are in trouble and we are disappointed that Bernie Sanders for endorsing Hillary. Not making excuses, there has to be a reason why. A reason we do not know about or that can be make public. Maybe he is playing a strategy.
The powers that be are invincible and I think we all know it.
But it is tiring to see protest after protest and the failure of the Left to mount a effective movement that actually changes things. It hasn’t happened yet. It doesn’t look good that it will.
The question, is Bernie playing a smooth strategy? Maybe, maybe he knows something could happen if Hillary has broken a law the Feds will do something about.
Two very important points though: most all of these southern states have now voted. Sanders has done well in the non-southern regions, most of which still have to decide.
Secondly, the so called “super delegates,” almost all of whom came out and supported Clinton, did so very early when Sanders’ popularity was in single digits. For many, their self-interests made it necessary to support the “inevitable” Democratic winner. These delegates however are not bound and will vote in secret at the convention.
Sanders touted the progressive gains in the party’s platform draft, which now calls for a $15-per-hour federal minimum wage, rebuilding public infrastructure and other policies that the Vermont senator has long backed.

n contrast, Sanders harshly criticized Clinton’s general election rival, Donald Trump, for his policies on health care and environmental sustainability.
“Donald Trump wants to throw 20 million people off of the health insurance they now have and cut Medicaid,” Sanders said. “Donald Trump does not accept science, [and] thinks that climate change is a hoax.”
Pressed on what policy concessions he didn’t receive from the talks with Clinton’s campaign following her rise as the party’s presumptive nominee, Sanders joked, “What we didn’t get is me becoming president of the United States of America.”
On whether he had discussed with Clinton the possibility of a position in her administration, Sanders said it was a topic they hadn’t broached.
“That’s something we have not talked about at all,” he said.

Keep in mind Bernie an educated attorney, taking pressure from the Democrats and others, Bernie maybe playing a winning hand in the long run. We will have to see what develops.


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