You, The Candidate.

As Campaign 2016 goes into the second half, more of the dirt flies through the air. Hillary Clinton has gotten away with another crime. Lamentable, on the further erosion of our Democracy.
Reflecting on the campaign, I must say it has been the best ever, and I am happy with what happened. Though the campaign ran way too long and beset by problems and unseen issues, there are disappointments.
People I would have depended on for assistance, and, as usual let me down, that was very predictable.
There where people whom we should have partnered up with, but, they chose not to. The stupidity of not partnering showed how a lack of solidarity weakened the campaign. The situation would have been a lot stronger if it where- Jones and Smith Freeholders, Tino Rozzo for Congress. I would have even offered room on the 200,000 emails I have sent out. Bumper stickers and signs would have said the same thing. This never happened. Even not winning, we would have done better. I voted for their opponents, even though they where not Sanders people.
This is what Helen keller, referred to as Parlor Socialists or Sewer Socialists. In Socialism, solidarity and kinship of Revolution would have brought kindred spirits together. Today’s generation, No. It maybe the death of Unionism and the isolationism of some areas that people, even left wingers live in their own Universe.
Running as a Democrat had better offers the running as an alternative. More press, more attention, yet Democracy withered once again. Here is what to expect when you are not a front running.
It is like being an alternative party candidate, mostly the same poop. One, doing 45 minute interviews, thusly, getting two sentences of press. “Mr. Rozzo is running as a Democrat on a progressive platform.”
Thanks to NJSpotlight and South Jersey Times, I got relevant innings. If you are running for office this is one of the many things to expect. We used to get Radio and Comcast Newsmakers Candidates on Demand, fat chance, they don’t do that anymore. Chances are you will be ignored from June to November.

Ralph Nader said:
Well, you should have George Farah, who wrote the only book on the private corporation misnamed the Commission on Presidential Debates to give people the impression it’s a government agency. It is not. It’s a private corporation created in 1987 by the Republican and Democratic parties to get rid of the League of Women Voters, who they thought was too uppity, and they were sponsoring the presidential debates.

In no other Western democracy are there so many laws that obstruct voters from voting, obstruct third-party independent candidates from giving more voices and choices to the voter by getting on the ballot. We are at the bottom of the heap. Norway has several parties. Canada has several parties. Chile has several parties. They get on debates. But there are only two that get on the presidential debate—Republican and Democrat—because they control the gate. They control the way in. Had I got on the debates in my presidential run, I would—in one debate, I would have reached more people, by 50-fold, than I reached by filling all the major arenas—Madison Square Garden, Boston Garden, Target Center, etc.—as we did in the year 2000. So, it is very critical. Unless you’re a multibillionaire, you don’t—you don’t have the wherewithal to reach people, because you’re not going to be covered by the mass media. Mark Green is going to give a presentation on electoral reform on day four, for example, of the Constitution Hall. We call it a civic marathon. Maybe you should call it “Citizens’ Revolutionary Week.” We’ve got to build a civil society. You’re not going to get any elections worth their salt at the national level. Look at the Congress. Does the Congress represent the necessities and hopes and even political beliefs of the American people? Those are gerrymandered, monetized elections. It’s a disgrace to our country that we allowed that to happen.

As far as I see it, and my past experience when you run for office, you expect debates, personal appearances, forums, and meet the candidates events. All this never happens because it is important to shut people down. Both candidates and the will of the people.


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