2016 Election=Junta

Thousands of New Yorkers may have been unable to vote in the primary election, after being potentially erroneously removed from the electoral register.

Election Justice USA filed an emergency appeal to a New York City judge stating that many residents of the state were finding they had been wrongly stripped of their right to vote.

“There are many voters who are completely baffled,” Shyla Nelson, a spokeswoman for the group told The Telegraph. “We’ve had stories of people in tears because they showed up at the polling station and were told they couldn’t vote.”

Going to the polls, many voters were reportedly finding they had been wrongly purged from the list. “Some of these voters have been voting in the Democratic primary for years, and find this time they are not registered,” she said. “This is a mysterious but clearly widespread systematic problem.”

Election irregularities have happened in Rhode Island, as voters are having to drive around for hours to find their polling place after the state closed 66 percent of voting precincts last week. Only three out of seventeen polling places in North Providence were open for the primary, leading to some confusion among voters.

“Someone should be making an announcement or something,” voter Nick D’Amico told the Providence Journal. “Otherwise you could be standing in line for 30 minutes before you realize you’re in the wrong place.”

This continues a string of election debacles which always seem to favor Clinton, from Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary with a megaphone well within the boundaries of the polling station in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to 126,000 Brooklyn voters mysteriously being purged from the list of registered Democrats.

In Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county, the number of precincts dropped from more than 200 in 2012 to just 60 last month. A draft version of the complaint states that the county’s “ill-informed and poorly executed decision … forced thousands of voters to wait in lines for upwards of five hours to cast their votes.”

“The reduction of voting locations was particularly burdensome on Maricopa County’s Hispanic and African-American communities,” the draft says. “This fiasco was the direct result of Maricopa County elections officials’ decision to focus on cutting the costs of the [presidential preference election] by severely reducing the number of polling locations, rather than ensuring that there were a sufficient number of polling locations per eligible voter and that such locations were accessible to minority communities.”

Hillary Clinton handily won Arizona’s primary, 58 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 40 percent. Although the fiasco in Maricopa County, Arizona, was largely the result of Republican officials, it seems to have favored Clinton’s campaign, as the early voting swayed overwhelmingly her way, while election day voting trends suggest that those disenfranchised by the mishandling of polling stations would have reduced Clinton’s margin of victory over Sanders had they been allowed to vote properly.

It is clear, the secret and shadow government controls the vote with the corporations. One would think that the power brokers are going to let their agents in politics, The President, Congress, and Senate be defeated easily.
President Kennedy said “Under no circumstance’s can a Democracy host secret Governments”

In local election Sanders candidates where under minded. For example the race between myself and David Cole. The New Jersey Democrats place in a political structure where me and David never meet or have a debate. Coverage was shallow in the news media. No one got to know who we where. There was no meet the candidates night, no weekend activity to host events. The front runner was chosen, and in a bracket. Little No TV exposure on any of the networks. But some did well in the media.

The political machines very steeply tilted the playing field, from the beginning, by limiting the debates, limiting the exposure of Bernie Sanders and Bernie Candidates, some very questionable election practices, 100,000 voters disappearing from the rolls in Brooklyn, some very questionable things that happened in the Democratic primary in California and New Jersey where and huge discrepancies between the polls in advance and the actual outcome of the elections.

Independent thinking and free informed choices are denied to the public instead there is Party sheep herding to vote for the front runner. There is no open forum or democratic process for people to make informed decision, rather a sign saying vote for the party insider, which disallows voters exercise their conscious and vote according to there own volitions.


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