Support and Repeal


Dedicated to Richard Lawton: a Great helper.

Voters Rights Act: Amends the Voting Rights Act of 1965 with respect to the requirement that a federal court retain jurisdiction for an appropriate period to prevent commencement of new devices to deny or abridge the right to vote. Expands the types of violations triggering the authority of a court to retain such jurisdiction to include certain violations of the Act as well as violations of any federal voting rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or membership in a language minority group. I have always supported free and open elections. An article appears on my blog in the past.

No individual should have provide a photo identification before voting in a in all elections.

Elizabeth Warren and others in Congress to expand Social Security benefits, paid for by Right now, everyone pays Social Security taxes only on the first $110,100 they earn, which means most people pay Social Security taxes on their whole paycheck. But after $110,100, no contribution is made to Social Security – so a whole lot of wealthy people don’t pay a dime in Social Security taxes on most of what they make. Time to tax the rich to supply Social Security
Social Security could pay full benefits forever if millionaires simply paid the same Social Security tax rate as rest of us.

Human Rights: Workers Rights: Human Rights Workers (NAHRW) is committed to providing education, training and research, networking, and professional development to it’s members to enable them to foster equality within a diverse society. We should start a Human Rights Commission to protect workers,
indigenous people, human, and animal life and life of all living things.

Every Child Achieves Act , This bill reauthorizes and amends the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). The bill addresses issues such as accountability and testing requirements, distribution and requirements for grants, fiscal accountability requirements, and the evaluation of teachers.

The bill provides states with increased flexibility and responsibility for developing accountability systems, deciding how federally required tests should be weighed, selecting additional measures of student and school performance, and implementing teacher evaluation systems improving student safety, health, well-being, and academic achievement.

Not For Sale Act: Sanders states= The handful of corporations that provide correctional services profit tremendously from mass incarceration, and have lobbied, through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for more draconian criminal laws that have the effect of increasing the incarcerated population. The private prison industry has joined the ranks of most aggressive lobbyists, and the two largest companies have spent $25 million on their efforts. A rise in lobbying and direct campaign contributions has correlated with dramatic growth in private prison population, greater overall spending on corrections and a sharp increase in private company profits. The stock of the top two private prison companies together is worth over $5.5 billion.

Surveillance State Repeal Act, which repeals the PATRIOT Act but I would reform the FISA Court and add civilian oversight for Domestic Intelligence programs. I also believe we need an overhaul of the entire Department of Homeland Security with special attention the policies that directly affect United States Citizens.

Military and Law Enforcement: It is time to Eliminate Secret Government and Surveillance operations, Items such as SOPA that Violates the Fourth Amendment. The CIA, Pentagon, NSA, should be part of a small Department of the Military.

Peace: Formulate a Department of Peace, Diplomacy and Science. Only 3% goes to Science, it is time to boost investment in Science and the National Science Institute.

Provide a Living Wage and Universal Income free people for Economic Liberation. A Complete war on poverty.

A full system of Animal Rights and Pets and Animals National Health Insurance.

A Bill Of Democratic Rights-(Search blog.) Repeal the Hatch Act, Taft Hartley, The Sedition Act, Right To Work Laws.

Repeal and support constitutional amendment on laws like Espionage, and Sedition Act, never allow the Patriot Act.While the Espionage Act dealt with many uncontroversial issues such as punishing acts of spying and sabotage and protecting shipping, the act, as amended by the Sedition Act, was extremely controversial for many immigrants who were opposed to war, the military draft, and violations of their free speech rights. Specifically, the Espionage Act made it a crime willfully to interfere with U.S. war efforts by conveying false information about the war, obstructing U.S. recruitment or enlistment efforts, or inciting insubordination, disloyalty, or mutiny.

The Sedition Act made the language of the Espionage Act more specific by making it illegal to use disloyal, profane, or abusive language to criticize the U.S. Constitution, the government, the military, the flag, or the uniform. The government had the authority to punish a wide range of speech and activities such as obstructing the sale of U.S. bonds, displaying a German flag, or giving a speech that supported the enemy’s cause. Persons convicted of violating these laws could be fined amounts of up to ten thousand dollars and also be sentenced to prison for as long as twenty years.


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