Super Tuesday 2016


Hillary Clinton won seven sates even though the Sanders Revolution was strong. Before super Tuesday, South Carolina was dominated by Clinton. Only 25% of the voter (33,000 prisoners behind bars).

Hillary Clinton lives by the myth that she is a progressive. many people are convinced she is even though she is not. People are not checking her record. People who have computers will vote for Sanders, many people still depend on the corporate news media, which is pro Hillary. She has the Reagan power of myth, and strong conformists will not deviate toward the facts. It is hard to crack cnformist thinking. Mindless Sheep Syndrome.

If you break down the South Carolina voting totals, Hillary still won among black millennials, but it was much closer. It was roughly 56-43. So, that speaks to the successful organizing efforts of the Sanders campaign and also to the future of seeing black millennials who are very concerned about mass incarceration, but also these economic questions, real concern about the cost of higher education, social welfare, things that are about people’s bottom line. So, looking—disaggregating by age, I think, is quite important in the African-American community also.
I know for a lot of folks it’s hard for them to think about this all being about race—and maybe it’s not simply about race—but there are a lot of Americans who honestly feel as if Barack Obama and the current demographic shifts, are in some ways taking the country away from them. Caucuses in Colorado are open only to registered party members, and the state added nearly 30,000 registered Democrats in recent months, some of whom reportedly joined the party so they could caucus for Sanders.

It isn’t over yet. In 2008, Barak Obama lost the popular vote and gained the electoral vote. They where, he and Hillary in a dead heap.

Bernie Sanders has a strong, genuine, true, and real message. Governor Kunin and others say that this kind of radical change, a revolutionary change in our politics that Bernie Sanders is calling for, is not possible, or it is wishful thinking. I’ll tell you my response. And if you look at the civil rights movement, you look at way back in our history, the movement of women to get the vote, look at any major change in the power structure of America, or even the movement to end the Vietnam War, they were all movements. They were all mass mobilizations. People in the United States decided that they had had enough and they were going to change the structure of power in the United States. Bernie Sanders is leading exactly that kind of movement to get big money out of politics. We need to re occupy and get people protesting demanding change.

Madeline Kunin former Governor of New Hampshire is a typical schill, she teaches us that the Democrat Party is a hollow shell and nothing is possible.

MADELEINE KUNIN: I agree with what he says in principle, but how do you make it a reality? You know, how do we have an effective president of the United States? The word “revolution” is beautiful. You know, I’d like a revolution myself. I mean, the title “revolution” is in my book, The New Feminist Agenda, about women’s issues. But I think you have to say, “Who’s going to make it happen? Who can have the temperament to be president? Who can have the networks? Who can be collegial?”

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Here’s the reality, folks: There is one major country on Earth that does not guarantee healthcare to all people. There is one major country, the United States, which ends up spending almost three times per capita what they do in the U.K. guaranteeing healthcare to all people, 50 percent more than they do in France guaranteeing healthcare to all people, far more than our Canadian neighbors, who guarantee healthcare to all people. Please do not tell me that in this country, if—and here’s the “if”—we have the courage to take on the drug companies and have the courage to take on the insurance companies and the medical equipment suppliers, if we do that, yes, we can guarantee healthcare to all people in a much more cost-effective way.

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