Labor For Sanders

It is wonderful labor is ebdorsing Bernie Sanders. Workers have no rights anymore. Speaking to some one person complained.
I have no vacation, I don’t get paid for days off, no sick days, no one to replace me, I cannot call off. We are also very underpaid.
The people on Wall Street adn Industry are called job makers. Industry has left america taking 10,000,000 jobs.
Deskilling of labor through automation is taking a million jobs a year. Fast Food workers may become a thing of the past as Momentum Technology Inc replaces them. Many people hate the idea that many basic workers are fighting for $15 an hour.
A living wage should be $21 an hour. People today have eroding pay checks. Rent, mortgages have gone up unbelievedable. Homelessness and foreclosures are higher than ever before. I have been told in
Denmark the system was falling apart due to their heavy investment in Social Democracy. When I went there worker had National Health Insurance with 0 co-pays,
six weeks paid vacation, no poverty, lengthy maternity leave. And they are the nuber one country to do business with.
The tales I have heard from conservatives is all lies. I went to the University Campus where University is free.
They seemed to be building more buildings. Not bad for a country falling apart from social democarcy. I heard that for
25 years, when is it going to happen? Why are they the happiest country on Earth?
Hear in America there is a war on everyone and everything 24/7. Children, seniors, working families, the poor. No living thing is sacret to
todays government.
In New York City, bosses try to make workers work off the book. Mayor Ted DeBlasio has made sure workers can complain if they call a special hotline.
One person told me when he was working at a mall, “They kept changing my hours with out telling me, the cut my hours and reduced my wages,
They spied on me. Lied and slandered. Yet a labor attorney told me that I have no rights in the work place.
Another said, “they kept spying on me a developed a video archive on me. I found that one manager was leaving four hours early, and signing
out to collect money for hours not attended. She would walk out 12pm and sign out for 4 pm.”
When I turned her in to the comaony they began to retaliate. Even with the Whistle Blowers Protection Act and Conienciou Employees Act,
there is no worker protection. Workers rights are human rights.
I once volunteered as Union Organizer withe UNITE. We tried to get a sweatshop in the Union. The boss lied about work place improvement. We tried to reunionized the shop, but met with resistence. The boss was a greedy tyrant who workers earned his wealth.
They where made to work overtime, he was very abusive toward his employees. He hired latino workers who where vunerable and too afraid to form a Union.
He sent one employee who had health problems to a doctor who said that worker can work. That Doctor injured her more as he was the bosses whore.
No one is human in America, everyone is a working mue told to settle for less, shut up, and just work.
Workers in America ae expected to work in dangerous conditions and paid less to free. Welfare workers are paid a substandard wage under the minumum, yet the bosses make a fortune by taking them on. They are expected to work 40 hours and look for a job at the same time.
There is no day care, and when there is they close early. This violates the 13th Amendment because it is slavery.
When the government controls your life and tells you what to do, it takes away your liberty as a person to have your own life. The welfare system is a slave trading organization that has revamped slavery into obligation programs.
Thusly we have a class called the working poor. hungry, and homeless, these people have jobs and cannot afford a place to live.
Trillions are spent on the F15 fighter Jet, pure pork barrel spending. This money could have bught eveyone a $600,000 house.
When people who are poor and on welfare get a abode, it is a two room motel room where the family sleep in one room and uses the same
bathroom. What the system does is humiliation. Punishment for poor, underprivedged.
The solution Bernie Sanders and Tino Rozzo are going to present is: 1. A Non Conditional Universal Income For all (Starting $32,000 a year) 2. A Living Wage of $15-$21 and hour 3. Provide quality affordable housing for all. 4. A Workers and human rights comission with real prosicution power. 5. Full benefits as in the Scandanavian Countries.
We need a show of solidarity and endorse all socialist and leftists candidate supporting Bernie Sanders, with enorsements, fund raising, and most of all getting the message out. This is a revolution. President Sanders cannot do it by himself.tinoandbernie


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