Lies of Global Climate Change

PABLO SOLÓN: I have been in two very important summits, the one in Copenhagen and then one in Cancun. And here, what we’re going to have in Paris, is the third climate agreement. We have had two climate agreements, one was the Kyoto protocol and the other one was the Cancun agreement. The Cancun agreement is for 2012 until 2020. And now in Paris, we’re supposed to have a third agreement for 2020 until 2030.

Now, the Paris agreement is going to be as bad as the Cancun agreement. Why? Because in reality, we’re not here to negotiate the emission cuts of any country. The way negotiations are is each country says, I’m going to do this, and that’s it. So the U.S. says, we’re going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 25 percent to 28 percent by 2025, and that is their pledge. That is not under discussion. So already, all of the countries have presented their pledges until the first of October. So we already know the result of Paris.

There is an official document from the UNFCCC that says, OK, after receiving the contribution of emission cuts of all of the countries, where are we now? And that official document says, we are going to be, around, increasing the temperature between 2.7 to 3.9 degrees Celsius. So that is a almost twice what we had to limit because the target was we shouldn’t go beyond an increase of two degrees Celsius.

And now to be speaking about four degrees or five degrees Celsius is, to put it in other terms, to burn the planet. So the Paris agreement is an agreement that will see the planet burn. I think this is a really bad agreement. And we are here in the show to try to sell the world a good outcome that is going to kill humans and life as we know it.

Well, just a couple of months ago, we had the second Tiquipaya. It didn’t have so much coverage from the media. It was organized by the government, and very few climate activists from the world came. And the issue is that in Bolivia, we see more and more a contradiction between what the government says and what the government does. So one of the big discussions that we had with Evo Morales during the summit now was that he said we cannot be park rangers. No? Guarda bosques we say in Spanish, for the capitalist countries of the North.

And from our point of view, we have to preserve forests because forests are the lungs of Mother Earth. We cannot imagine a world without forests. And so the rules, the laws that are being pushed forward in Bolivia are going to increase deforestation. So that is why, for example, here during these days, we’re going to have a big event on zero deforestation until 2020 in all countries. Because there is an schizophrenia in the U.N., in the sustainable development goals, all countries have agreed that by 2020, they have to halt deforestation. But in the UNFCCC, those countries are still going to continue deforestation beyond 2020, and like my country, they say they’re going to deforest three million acres until 2030. So these are the contradictions between the scores and what is being done in the practice.

they have received the money. And instead of digging, they do whatever they have to do with that money that they have received. But now President Correa has said we’re going to dig anyway because that money is insufficient, and this has created a whole protest inside Ecuador. It is the same case in Bolivia. And we’re all saying, come on, you’re going to do this in order to get fossil fuels.

How much does it cost to deforest one hectare? What is the cost of losing that biodiversity? It — it’s huge. So why are we going to destroy forests, national park, to find something that we are ready know is killing us? Because climate change is mainly due to fossil fuels that are being burned. So instead of going this way, we should begin to learn and live with the forest. There are many ways where we can get resources with the forest without affecting the forest. So, I think that in the case of Bolivia and Ecuador, the struggle against climate change is the struggle against deforestation. You have the combination of oil extraction plus deforestation as the most greatest challenges of climate activists in our countries.tinoandbernie


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