Bernie Really Needs US


“From opposing unfair trade deals to fighting for a fair financial system, Hillary Clinton has shown she puts working families first,” Brown said in a statement announcing the endorsement on Tuesday. “She knows as president that her first job will be creating jobs for the middle class.

One thing for certain. If we do not put Bernie’s Congressional Candidates in Office, w e will not get the Socialism we dreamed about. That is why you must vote for me and other Sanders candidates.

Hillary Clinton has been absolutely crushing Bernie Sanders when it comes to endorsements from elected Democrats. She has 34 of the US Senate’s 44 Democrats, 10 of the 18 Democratic governors, and 120 of the US House’s 188 Democrats.

But Clinton’s most surprising endorsement is the 34th and most recent senator to get on board: Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

When Bernie Sanders needed a cosponsor for left-leaning bills, Sherrod Brown was his go to guy, and vice-versa. Just a couple weeks ago the two introduced a bill together to make it easier for unions to organize. Earlier this year, they cosponsored a bill to repeal the so-called “Cadillac tax” on Obamacare. That was actually the second time the dynamic duo tried to do away with the “Cadillac tax,” which hits members of labor unions especially hard. They introduced an amendment together to cut it from the original Affordable Care Act back in 2009 when the bill was being debated. And you may recall that earlier this year, Sanders and Brown led the fight to keep President Obama from having “fast track authority” over the TPP trade deal.

Senators Sanders and Brown were both elected in 2006, and have served together for fourteen years. Both are members of the Progressive Caucus, unabashedly pro-union and against free trade.
Senator Sanders  seems to have caught lightning in a bottle judging by the size and ferocity of his campaign crowds, but that popularity doesn’t seem to have translated to endorsements by his fellow Democrats, even the ones who like him personally and agree with him on policy. To date, Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of 34 of the Senate’s 44 Democrats, 20 of the 188 Democrats in the House of Representatives, and 10 of the 18 Democratic governors.

In comparison, Senator Sanders has received the endorsement from exactly two major elected Democrats: Representatives Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, who co-chair the House Progressive Caucus. Even Peter Shumlin, the ultra-progressive governor of Vermont, Bernie Sanders’ home state, endorsed Hillary.

Bernie Sanders may not have the backing of any Democratic members of Congress, but on Friday his campaign announced endorsements from 128 actors, musicians, and cultural figures.

Sanders’ new, big-name Hollywood backers include actors Will Ferrell, ­Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Piven, and Danny DeVito, who had previously given the maximum $2,700 donation to Democratic rival Martin O’Malley.

It’s an eclectic mix that includes people ranging from Hans Zimmer, known for his movie scores, to DJ Skeet Skeet, along with Shepard Fairey, the artist known for making the ubiquitous “Hope” poster of Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign. All four members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers also announced their support for Sanders, along with members of the bands Fun., Sonic Youth, the Foo Fighters, and Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeroes.
Singer-songwriters Lucinda Williams, Graham Nash and David Crosby are all on the list, along with rappers Killer Mike and Lil B. And it includes some non-artists like physician Patch Adams, who was the subject of a Robin Williams biopic, and Apple Computers Co-Founder Steve Wozniack.

“Bernie Sanders is the only candidate speaking against the wide spread legalized corruption that has handed our government to billionaires, large corporations and banks,” said writer and director Adam McKay, who co-wrote and directed “Anchorman” with Ferrell and helped organize the artists.

Lil B said Sanders’ appeal comes from his “honesty and being in touch with the common man and woman.”

Still, Sanders is beating Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton when it comes to endorsements from Democratic elected officials and leaders, who play an important role in the nominating process.

Help me build my war chest for Bernie


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