We VS Republicans


Bernie Sanders and I have our work cut out for us. 2014 and 2015 mark the war against the people. Lets look how the Republicans decalred war on us.
HR Bill 5862 Keystone XL Pipeline. This woud mean game over for the planet. Dirtiest fossil fuel ever.
HR 1900 Natural Gas. This perpetuates more Natural Gas, using toxic chemicals. It has already ruined thousands of families.
HR 803 Voted down the minumum wage, job training for all. Reduces Medical Benefits for working people.
HR 1120 Vote to remove National Labor Relations Board and do away with workers rights.
HR 367 Work and Public Safety assault rejects science and allows for harmful conitions in the work place.
HR 25 Ryan Budget plan allows the wealthy huge tax breaks, which tax burdens fall on working families.
Cuts 90% from each program and 64% from poor and underprivledege.
HR 2374 Protection for Senior Savings. in 2008 wall street gambled away a vast fortune of IRA’s.
This made retiring Seniors go back to work full time and part time. Wall Street lost every bit of money they where allowed to gamble with. The Republicans voted against protection.
Many people have no idea that their local Congressman supported all this and decared war on the people. Voters have a real choice in the Sanders/Rozzo Campaign where we will protect Workers Rights, elimiate poverty, like the Coyers 100% employment Bill, Sanders Infrustructre Bill, Human and Workers Rights Beureau, Liivng Wage, Universal Income, and free education and Elimintion of Student debt, and tackle Global Warming.
We need to elect people wh are not affraid of the future. We need to eliminate Empire and Establish Democarcy. The scientist who was the conservative spokesmen denying global warming was found to be paid off by Republican buddies. His information is tainted and false.
Sanders/Rozzo will be our champions in delivering humane, cmpassionate government.
Eight years ago I put together a computer program adressing Budget. The Conservative results crashed the economy, the liberal results had better results, the progessive drew in a surplus, better employment, and reduced government spending. The GOP budget was 322 Billion bucks, the Progessive one was 72 Billion bucks. Look at Kansas how conservative Governor Brawnbach destroyed the Economy. Look at Minnesota, where there is a progressive economy makes it the foremost economy n the USA. My computer paradigm was right. On to the Sanders Revolution.

Republicans are CLEARLY for the rich and don’t give a dam about the middle class or the poor.  Republican Mitt Romney said it himself, “I’m not concerned about the poor”.

Republicans say they are for less government but when it comes to Women’s Rights, they want the government to tell them what they can do with their own bodies. They have passed laws against women’s rights and want to completely make abortions illegal even in cases of incest or rape.

It is hard to understand why anyone who makes less than $30,000 a year would even consider voting for a Republican since they are for giving tax breaks to the Rich, support shipping jobs overseas and outsourcing, eliminating a minimum wage, refusing to make corporations pay their fair share in taxes, passing anti-voting and anti-women’s choice legislation, want to take away Affordable Heath Care,  Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and other programs which benefit middle class Americans and the poor.

The republican party hates the poor because they are a living example of the fact that everything the GOP espouses is a lie. Their rhetoric that anyone can make it in this country if they are willing to work hard is simply not true. Hard work will not make your rich. It may put food on the table if you have a skill set companies are willing to pay for but you will never get rich working for wages. The poor are also a very real example of the fact that capitalism isn’t fair. Those that have the capital or the connections will prosper the rest will survive around the margins one or two pay checks away from the street. While the poor are one minor catastrophe away from total destruction. While the right may call the poor moochers or lazy or lucky duckeys because they don’t make enough to pay taxes they know that in a very real sense they are at least marginally responsible for their misery because many of the rich got that way because they or their ancestor exploited the labor of others. In short the rich hate the poor because they are a reminder of their very real guilt for gaming the system by getting their bought and paid for representatives to enact policies that benefit them at the expense and sometimes the lives of everybody else.

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