Socialist Candidate

Being a frequent socialist candidate for office, my experiences have become quite

“Experienced” in the political arena.

It is frustrating fighting a revolution. 40 years under my belt and I feel I m at square one.

The problem lies also in fellow socialists and, always good fist wavers, cheerleaders, and philosophers. There is nothing wrong with being an intellectual and philosopher. Credibility leads to correct and knowledgeable applications of the mind.

Trying to get people to do anything is like pulling teeth, unless you are popular.

  1. The Left News media ignores leftist candidates. Really? The people who are voicing change are the people ignoring people who are trying to bring change. Does that make sense?
  2. People in the left do not seem to help others in the left.

Running for office supporting Bernie Sanders is a great way to foster the revolution we crave.

I think people know the difficulties. Ballot access restrictions, lack of support,

Getting the grassroots organizations to notice anything.

Ok, it is frustrating being a candidate. My campaign and running with Sanders means we are both Candidates in the mainstream. This means we need to put into effect, socialism in the hearts and minds of ordinary people.

It helps to have a track record.

  1. Coming out against war
  2. Activism and other activities
  3. My effort was once to bring a Union into a sweat shop.
  4. Also, I placed two female candidates on the ballot. Mary Cal Hollis, and the Late Sharon Chiarazzo.
  5. I also put a Black Person and Disabled person on the Ballot

Willie Norwood and Scott form Toms River.

When I think of the things I have done my major message was building a culture of Solidarity. The word must be put across and people, not matter who they are, must realize socialism is about working families of all variety and even the poor.

Being a good listener helps. Not all answers will come from the Communist Manifesto or Mao’s Little Red Book.

It is apparent in this campaign for socialists running that mass support in the way of getting the word out will help.

Here is the way:

Make calls to friends, family, and total strangers. Come up with a script like a telemarketer.

Contact Leftist news organizations ask for the Candidate to be on their shows.

Print out and make copies of stuff from their website. Turn it into an affordable brochure.

Help raise funds, tell people to donate on the website-We have Act Blue.

Get together with the candidate, take videos and photos and put them on line. Have other supporters start a Facebook and Youtube, and other social media discussions.
Write letters to the newspaper, create media surrounding your candidate. Videos with interviews, or your own radio MP3 interviews.

Invite the candidate to public gatherings.Canvassing These are the volunteers that go door-to-door. It’s similar to phone banking in that you’re given a list of names, except you go around knocking on people’s doors. And again, you could be asking them for anything from donations, voting preferences, etc. Both this and phone banking are a great time if you can go out with a friend!
There will never be a day when campaigns aren’t looking for monetary contributions. So if you can’t volunteer your time, donating is a great way to help! And if you want a little something in return, there are a plethora of bumper stickers, shirts, iPhone cases, yoga pants, etc. that you can buy to support the campaign.

If we are ever going to win, we need to take action, mobilize, and help Sanders and his candidates. It doesn’t make sense to support a President and not the people who can help him? What would Sanders do with out a supportive Congress?

We are not empowered. Ballot access is hard in many States. Running as a Democrat will have advantages. In order to help Sanders we need to Occupy the White House and State House. It is our time to make history and make sure Bernie Sanders succeeds. Run for office, or be a supporter. Do what you can and help occupy WDC


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