Dharmic Socialism

Reading Shambalas Sun’s article on people and being Good, I must say, good article.
As a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist I have run for office many times and one of my closing statements always quoted. “People are the source of good in this world.”
A Dharmic Socialist politician it is always acknowledge that people must awaken to change and the Compassion means that we have the substance of character to learn and transmit the truth ways and means to a better, more enlightened world.
This world means empathy and commiseration for all and a desire to cultivate all as equals.
This is stated in “The Way of Sovereign Sutra” and the Sijolavada Sutras.”
The Dharmic Politician see the suffering of all and wishes to transmute a Pure Land on Earth. Ending poverty, want, meaningful jobs plus quality of life.
We continue to suffer because many are the source of bad in this world, and if we let them get away with it, nothing gets better. Realizing my own weaknesses I say the Nembutsu, Namo Amida Butsu. May the way open to the ignorant.

Peace in Dharma

Tino Rozzo

National Chair American Labor Party

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