The Greens and SP

Two political Parties could have done something meaningful but failed. The SP keeps hemorrhaging membership due its insincere promises and inability to be true to form. in the United States founded in 1984 as a federation of state green parties. With its founding, the Green Party of the United States became the primary national Green organization in that country, eclipsing the Greens/Green Party USA, which emphasized non-electoral movement building. The Association of State Green Parties (ASGP), a forerunner organization, first gained widespread public attention during Ralph Nader.
When the Green Party as at its height, many celebrities and leftists parties where agog with Green support. Each endorsed Green Party candidacy. Even members of the SP-USA where endorsing Green Candidates. The Greens have the same conformist leftism other parties have and reflect the values of the Socialist International.
The Green Party of New Jersey is particularly hostile and McCarthyistic. Strange the same party that touts Coalition is the same party that alienates Socialists.
I was once taken out to breakfast by the Greens. They told me I was in the way. They knew I took orders from the SP. I should join the Greens because the Greens are the future. Stop running against their candidates. They complained the SP was stealing their votes.
Funny, the Democrats used to say that to them and they would retort, people have a right to choose. That doesn’t apply to the SP?
They have this lets work together rap, and when we need to work together it works for the Greens, not the SP.
Working inside and promoting the Greens is not coalition. They do nothing to promote the SP. Thusly in the NJ gubernatorial election, Candidate Glick, GP, stole the spot light and the SP and Libertarian Candidate where ignored with the promise of togetherness by the Greens, they lied and hogged the spot light.
Everything came to a head for the Greens when Cynthia McKinney was nominated at the Chicago convention,2008. The Conservative Greens lost to the Socialist Greens segment because the conservative Greens, being anti socialist did not support McKinney. This explosion hurt the Greens and they never fully recovered. The McKinney/Clemnete reflected the Workers World Party and other left groups. Obviously trying to appeal to Socialists of all ilk.
The Greens are the Progressive drain of the Democratic Party. The Greens are a refuge for Democrats who are Social Democratic, getting these people out of the way because the Democrats want their conservative elements left in the DNC.
In my last campaign for Congress, I reached out to the Greens and they failed the test. I asked for solidarity and endorsement and received none. I was the only candidate with Green appeal and compatibility, yet the Greens never responded and never endorsed my campaign. The lets work together stuff and unity stuff was total nonsense.
The SP-USA faired no better the 2004 and 2008 convention proved to be the icing on the cake. At the 2004 convention, Eric Chester had tantrum when he was not nominated the SP presidential candidate. People also wanted to nominate Nader. What would have to do with promoting the SP? The SP-USA at Conventions proved to be a inefficient,
ineffective, philosophers. Walt Brown was nominated and was not supported by the entire party.
Brown received more votes than any SP candidate since Debs. Walt Browns wife was an anti abortionist, Walt was with the SP platform 100%. That did not matter, party members still reacted to his candidacy. I was severely criticized for supporting him was rebuked by members for having the Delaware Natural Law Party allow use to use their vacant slot. Since we supported By 2008 the Trotskyist mentality of getting rid of Social Democrats steeped into the party. Once again, at 2008 I came to the realization that The SP-USA was never going to be a serious party and just a competition for philosophers.
I was elected to the National Committee. It was the same. Each time they met, no changes or reforms where allowed.
something called the Direct Action Committee or the Polit Bureau, made all the decisions. After the meeting, the National Chair would declare we moved forward and made progress. How do we make progress by reconfirming old values?
The SP has no strategy or value or intelligence when it came to planning. Nothing gets done at conventions, and nothing gets done at NC meetings. And the National Secretary continues protest vacations at members expense.
The SP basks in the past of Eugene V Debs, in which the SPA best years are in its past.
The American Labor Party is once again born out of schisms of both parties (Greens and SP) who want a sincere, effective leftist party, with a real strategy.


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