Party Building

When I was a Marxist Teen Revolutionary I came to the conclusion that Capitalism was so overwhelming in American Society, that the only way t beat Capitalism is with Capitalism. Most American are politically illiterate anyway, and one could not discuss the merits of Socialism with anyone. I thought we need to put an example in everyone’s life. The Unions where failing and they became plant managers rather than champions of workers. So, I thought Socialism cannot be by the book. Other Socialist where insincere, only seeming as waste of time intellectuals.
We need to accomplish something.
A Socialist Party must empower people. With the poor and disenfranchise needing a Revolution that was not happening, people needed an alternative, an income, something to eat, and sustain their lives. The Co-op Party of England provides a remedy. They develop Co-ops.
Most of the party’s income comes from grants made by the retail co-operative societies and from members’ fees. Local retail societies provide most funding for local party councils, which form the basis of members contact with the party. The party recognizes several structures which exist without society support (voluntary parties) as being part of the whole. Subscriptions from members also support the party financially. They where not sitting around with Mao’s Little Red Book sticking out of their asses.
Co-operatives UK is the national trade body that campaigns for co-operation and works to promote, develop and unite co-operative enterprises.

We have a unique role as a trade association for co-operatives. We aim to bring together all those with a passion and interest in co-operative action.

We work to promote the co-operative alternative across many sectors of the economy from High Street consumer-owned co-operatives to pubs and football clubs, healthcare to agriculture, credit unions to community owned shops.

Together the co-operative economy is worth £35.6 billion and with 13.5 million members (Imagine the ALP with that many members, imagine the votes and winning campaigns). Co-operatives are the largest membership movement in the country.
Government has a crucial role to play in maintaining an enabling framework for co-operatives, and in ensuring people have the necessary information, incentives, and space to act together.

We are constantly campaigning for government policy that helps grow the co-operative economy. Our priorities are areas of common interest such as legal framework, regulation, and finance. We promote the reputation of our model among policy makers and opinion formers, and work hard to develop co-operative solutions in exciting new areas, such as community energy and social care.

Getting members involved

Speaking with a strong collective voice is key to the success of any lobbying or policy campaign. When we act together, we legitimate our message and make more of an impact.

Where possible we’ll give our members an opportunity to get involved in consultation responses. And we’ll regularly consult them ourselves on our own policy positions, and in setting future policy priorities.
That is quite an accomplishment Socialism forming an economic Democracy and giving people a living.
There is increasing evidence across a range of disciplines that people are co-operative as much as they are also competitive. Over recent years, policy and politicians have neglected this truth.

Britain has therefore lost out by missing some of the advantages of co-operation: opportunities for innovation, business success and social responsibility that have not been taken. There is a spectrum of co-operation. It is not that every business should be a co-operative or mutual. But every business can share the benefit of co-operation if they work more co-operatively.
There is a growing consensus on the factors that serve business excellence – a clear mission, better services and products, giving consumers power, nicer places to work, engaged staff, less social and environmental harm. There is good practice on some or other of these elements in plenty of workplaces, but taken together, they are what many would describe as the advantages of co-operation.
In this day and age we can back this up with Socialist Media and a Socialist TV Network. Frank P Ziedler loved this idea.

Like Democracy Now, provides our audience with access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S. corporate-sponsored media, including independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly. Socialist TV Shows movies, talk shows etc. With divergent opinions and views perpetuating a real Democracy. Ready for action?


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