Open Letter to DAVOS/WEF

Ladies and Gentlemen of DAVOS/WEF

Once again there seems to be a International meeting about the state of the world in which the organization has a hand in perpetuating a class war against human beings.
The quality of life has greatly diminished because of your influence.
So far the world you have created is now one of concern.
The scale of the crisis has been laid out for them by the charity Oxfam. Just 80 individuals now have the same net wealth as 3.5 billion people – half the entire global population. Last year, the best-off 1% owned 48% of the world’s wealth, up from 44% five years ago. On current trends, the richest 1% will have pocketed more than the other 99% put together next year. The 0.1% have been doing even better, quadrupling their share of US income since the 1980s.

This is a wealth grab on a grotesque scale. For 30 years, under the rule of what Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor, calls “market fundamentalism”, inequality in income and wealth has ballooned, both between and within the large majority of countries. In Africa, the absolute number living on less than $2 a day has doubled since 1981 as the roll call of billionaires has swelled.

The financial policies perpetuated by the Oligarchy have taken many lives. The business and political structure is psychotically Anti Social with.

National incomes have fallen continuously and wages have stagnated under this regime of privatization, deregulation and low taxes on the rich. At the same time finance has sucked wealth from the public realm into the hands of a small minority, even as it has laid waste the rest of the economy. Now the evidence has piled up that not only is such appropriation of wealth a moral and social outrage, but it is fuelling social and climate conflict, wars, mass migration and political corruption, stunting health and life, increasing poverty and slum, and widening vast human and ethnic divides.

What we are asking for is mercy and compassion. We wish for a world where no one wants for anything and slightly above basic needs are met so the human race can full fill its aspirations. To use a Democratic Socialist and Won Buddhist perspective.
WON founded by Chun bil Pak in Korea. Has view of world peace which spiritual
Won Buddhism nor Buddhism in general, is not confined to one nation or one race. Won Buddhism goals to go beyond any boundaries or obstructions. The founder of Won Buddhism advocated lrwonism himself, and claimed that all religions meet at the thought of lrwonism because the final goal of religions is one and the same. Chongsan taught Samdong Morality(The Morality based on the Three Principles of Identity). The First Principle of Identity, “All Doctrines Have the Same Origin,” suggests that each religion should expand beyond its own boundaries to open up to other religions, since all religions share one Truth and the same goal. The Second Principle of Identity, “All Living Beings Are Related by the Same Force (of Life),” suggests that the human race ought to live as brothers, free from fighting or resentment, since all human beings are of one family. The Third Principle of Identity, “All Enterprises Are for the Same Purpose’, suggests that all human enterprises and assertions need to cooperate with each other, rather than rejecting one another (competition), in order to construct a better world on earth. Chongsan’s spirit of Samdong Morality is succeeded by Taesan’s proposals for world peace, namely, cultivation of the mind-field, development of a worldwide market and the united religions movement “Cultivation of the Mind-field” purposes to foster the strength of mind, which can then make good use of scientific and technological advancement. Otherwise, human beings become enslaved to materialism and degenerate due to the influence of advanced science and technology. “Development of a Worldwide Market” purposes to promote international cooperation without confinement to national or racial interests, so the all human beings are equally provided with affluent material conditions in clothing, food, and shelter for their physical needs. “The United Religions Movement” purposes to free the individual from one’s own religious egotism and boundaries, and to fulfill the original mission of religion. In furtherance of the goal of religious cooperation, the Won Buddhist community proposes to establish an institutionalized organization for world religions comparable to, and on parallel with, the United Nations organization. The Won Buddhist community wishes to removing the boundaries and barriers of the past, and creating one global family on earth, in tandem with other global communities.

Also, as a Socialist Perspective: “Way of Sovereign Sutra”:
The Buddha entered a dialogue with a disciple named Saccaka. Saccaka asks the Buddha what is the way of a King? The Buddha Answers: A King is like a benevolent Parent. A kings subjects is as if they where his own family. He must know and love his subjects and tend their needs. Saccaka asked what it is a king should know? Buddha’s response was: A King is well versed in statesmanship and politics, he is knowledgeable about he law and is always just. Justice is always fair and impartial.
Saccaka asks-How does a King take care of his subjects? Buddha replies: A king always has compassion. Always shows benevolence to the poor and stops abuse, over taxation, and abuse of his subjects.The King prevents grafting and political deceit amongst representatives of the people. Saccaka asks about foreign affairs and the Buddha responds: The King does best to keep peace with other Kings. He does his best to solve matters as reasonable as possible and always uses reason first. A king never commits to war unless there is no other alternative. A King always prevents war. Saccaka asks what is the best abidance for the people and the Buddha replies: A King abides by five virtue. 1-Truth-always be honest with the people or the king looses credibility and the people turn on him. Dishonesty erupts through out the land.
2. Effort-The King makes all the right efforts for his people.. In service the kings does best to ensure his people safety, and efficient solutions in governance.
3.Speaks Kindly: A King does not abuse, nor speaks unkindly of other Kings or subjects. A King must not warrant abuse upon himself or his subjects. A King as his subjects remain respectful.
4. Applies Reason-There must always be implemented a reasonable solution to all government problems. No King should rule in delusion or ignorance due to severe karmic effect.
5. Rule of Compassion: A King knows his people-meets the needs of his people, and shares his love, respect, protection, and alleviates the misery of his people. Where there is suffering a King shall apply his wisdom and compassion in ending the burden of his people. A king ends poverty and redistributes the wealth evenly A king must stop invaders and injustice. He must first try and find peace amongst those who would commit to hostility, if at war-must take prisoners alive. A King always acts respectful in all situations.
The Buddha was once asked about working and ownership of servants. This excerpt from the Sijalovada Sutra says-The Buddha recommended-Adequate Pay (living Wage)-leisure time-good retirement-health care-and treats his servants well with no abuse.

The human race wants humanity and humanness. Try delivering that. Like a living wage, Universal Income, free education, end dependence on fossil fuels and initiate an Ecologically sound economy. Find sociological and scientific solutions.

It is time for the Sun to come up in this world. We know that The World Economic Forum is perpetuating a dark world and that the lower classes mean nothing.
We are not naïve enough to discount the actions of the organization. But since the WEF are composed of human beings maybe an appeal to your sense of humanity may actually change. Obviously your members come from a different world. Find a way to relate to the rest of humanity and deliver that better world for all.


Costantino Rozzo
National Chair
American Labor Party


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