A Political Party Should Reflect Democracy

It is seen in many political organizations that profess Democracy, that they are the worse examples of it. The Right seems to have thrown it under a bus, the left tends to be filled with control freaks and petty despots. When the Socialist Party of America came into existence, away from the Socialist Labor Party, Debs and others found Daniel Deleone too despotic.
When people leave the Socialist Party USA they found they have been hood winked into joining and organization that is not bottom up as professed. When requested, data and information is not distributed. People who disagree are earmarked for explosion. History repeats itself. In the 1930’s The SP merged with Trots and schism started. The truer Social Democratic elements started, in New York, The American Labor Party. The ALP was true to form in every way. Thanks to Vito Marcantonio as being a example as an inclusive binding force among all people.
How a political party should function?
Democracy with in: The Party should have ALL members vote regularly. And ALL included. The SP only includes party members who attend Conventions and yet, nothing gets done. A party must operate like a Co-operative.

Coalition: I found many Socialists alienate Non Socialist parties. When I needed assistance with Candidates and other things I found the Natural Law Party to be friendly and willing. The Greens where not. The Greens accuse the SP of running opposition candidates’ and stealing votes. There is NO SUCH THING as stealing votes. The Greens thought the SP should be subservient and working in coalition meant supporting and working inside the Green Party.
The Green Party doesn’t realize Coalition=government in which several political parties cooperate, reducing the dominance of any one party within that coalition. The usual reason given for this arrangement is that no party on its own can achieve a majority in the parliament. A coalition government might also be created in a time of national difficulty or crisis, for example during wartime, or economic crisis, to give a government the high degree of perceived political legitimacy, or collective identity it desires while also playing a role in diminishing internal political strife. In Italy the Liberals, Socialist, and Greens have a coalition party called the Rainbow Party.

Open forums: The SP allowed for abuse of some members while others where not scolded. The Religious segment was very bigoted against Buddhists. When I quoted Norman Thomas and said, “If Religion where going to save the world it would have long ago.” Starting a Religious segment in a political party is always a big mistake.
Also, people could not disagree with some party issues. In a REAL democratic party people could disagree.
Presidential Candidate Walt Brown was not an Anti Abortionist though his wife was. He lost support among the Party even though he went with the total Party platform. He had the most popular votes of any SP Candidate.
A good political party engages non members and gages where the public is at not as much for popular opinion, but to represent the mind set of ordinary people. We found most people do not want a Socialist Party that is a feminist party, or one that caters to special and competing interest groups. Everyone wants there needs understood.

Sticking the essential principals of a Socialist Social Democratic party is not a choice, but common sense and reason must be applied. One may say, ” Your Censoring me and I cannot promote another political organizations”. Your not suppose too, when your in the ALP you promote the ALP. Does anyone in the Socialist Workers Party support the Socialist Labor Party? One cannot go to a Synagogue on Mosque too promote Jesus.

Inclusiveness makes the diverse political mixture. It helps us unleash the true power of our global organization. It’s about celebrating differences so that people from any background can rise to their potential have representation.
Diversity is no longer defined just by race or gender. It encompasses the whole human experience — age, culture, education, personality, skills, life experiences and many other attributes. Everyone needs representation EQUALLY.
While other Socialist groups play diversity games, the ALP opens the Big Tent. We study the fact and principals even if the results are unpopular, we acknowledge them. The most important thing politicians can do is listen to the people. Get out there and learn who ordinary people are and what their values are. Socialism is at times about socializing to gage where our direction lies. Not arrogantly preaching and teaching the converted or unconverted.


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