Democrats are Not Socialists

Debs and Vito Marcantonio saw the Democrats for what they where, a Party that supports big business as the Republicans. In New York actor Roberto Rangone wrote and performed a play about a meeting with Fiorello LaGuardia about The Failure of two parties, and Democrat obedience to business. Norman Thomas said that Democrats could bring in Socialist programs and we would not have to call them Socialism. This was during the new deal. People where convinced that the Democrats where Leftists.

According to popular belief today and political dictionaries a liberal is someone who believes that the government has the responsibility to alter the social conditions such that a more just and equitable society is the result. Liberals are in favor of helping the poor, the minorities and the disadvantaged. Liberals are typically involved with peace and social justice issues and reducing the military budget while defending civil liberties.

Turn Left, the home of liberalism on the web has some useful definitions:

Liberal. Signifies an openness to change and respect for individual liberties within a societal framework in which all have equal opportunity (See Rawls Theory of Justice or Walzer’s Spheres of Justice)

Progressive. One who actively campaigns for (liberal) change.

Neo-Liberalism. A strain of liberalism with its main emphasis on pragmatic approaches to change.

Democrat. A member of the Democratic party. Note that Democrat is not synonymous with liberal. There are some conservatives and moderates in the Democratic party, even if the majority of Democrats could be considered liberal.

public Socialist. One who advocates public ownership of the means through public and private enterprise in a Social Economy. Often misused by right-wing ideologues who confuse regulation of certain aspects of the economy with government ownership of business.
Democratic Socialism. Similar to regular socialism, but with a strong emphasis on democratic decision-making, both in politics, and in the running of economic entities.
Radical left. Generally those who do not believe lib-eralism or progres-sivism are approach-es which do enough to change the do-minant paradigm in society. Radical left-ists are willing to forego traditional ideas of individual liberty (which some of them see as simply another way the dominant paradigm keeps them down) in order to impose programs for change. Differ from liberals in that most liberals want to keep the current paradigm.
Libertarianism. Libertarians believe in an extremely tiny government whose role is limited to common defense and arbitrating disputes between private individuals (enforcing contracts). Libertarians do not want any government regulation of the social or economic spheres, with complete individual liberty in all areas of life. Conservatives generally agree with libertarians on much (but not all) of their economic platform, while liberals generally agree with libertarians on much (but not all) of their social platform.
While Republicans nominate real conservatives, Democrats never nominate a real liberal or progessive. Its always the center right Wall Street Democrats. Obama, John Kerry, Hillary and Bill Clinton are all the same. Those are the people the so called Democrats nominated in the previous presidential elections.
They all support the Neo Liberalism, the patriot act, drones, private prisons, corporate subsidies, the war on drugs, the war on terror, the banker bailouts, the keystone pipeline and welfare reform making it harder for those that need it to ending their problems.
They all oppose gun control, drug legalization, assisted suicide, prostitution and raising taxes on the rich. They don’t want to do anything about the banksters that destroyed the economy and rigged the game.
Why wont Democrats ever nominate someone who’s policies and positions are liberal across the board instead of picking Republican lite? Every election, Its always a vote between 2 Republicans.
Look at what the Democrats did to Henry Wallace, Progressive who wanted a People revolution. They threw him under a bus for Harry S Truman, who was considered am political hack.
I saw a protest where someone was carrying a sign saying Kerry will bring Peace. All the time, during his Presidential Campaign he said, “I am The Warrior.”
No Democrats stands for the Universal Income, 32 hour work week, the war on poverty, human rights. But they seem to have no problem with genocide and ethnic cleansing.
The Democratic Party, historically, has represented one faction of the corporate ruling elite. As described by sociologist G. William Domhoff and historian Thomas Ferguson, its primary constituency is large-scale, capital-intensive, high-tech, and export-oriented business. Far from being a “constraint” or “countervailing power” against Big Business, the twentieth century regulatory-welfare state was created primarily to serve corporate capital.
Trying to work with Democrats meaning buying into there agenda. We need an Alternative Party for the people, The AMerican Labor Party is the answer.


One thought on “Democrats are Not Socialists

  1. “Do you know of any man or woman in this country who will confess himself or herself a reactionary? I don’t. Rockefeller is a progressive. So is Morgan. So are all the rest of them progressive” – Debs

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