An Equality Party

American Labor Party is an Equality Party, This affirms the fundamental dignity of all regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or status and seeks to advance their basic human rights. Many of us want to see change in this area; for ourselves, for our families and children, and for the broader community. Importantly, we want the world to be a safer and kinder place for young people.

The ALP aims to bring a compassionate and explicitly human rights based perspective to politics. Our members believe passionately in the capacity of every individual to create change in the world. When we come together with a common goal our ability to effect that change is enormous; this is our motivation for establishing the AEP.

Every man, woman and child is entitled to live and enjoy his or her life and develop his or her potential to the maximum, without the curse of poverty and material want. The ALP insists that there exist social rights that are essential to life in a complex modern society and, therefore, “inalienable.” Working and poor people must resolve to secure these rights through the mobilization of their strength as a class, independent of and in opposition to the corporate-controlled political parties.

The New Left has done much to alienate with reactionary points of view with hateful approaches. Solidarity is our of the question and. The American Left does noy realize it has ignorant hateful points of view as it Conservative counter parts.

One Caucasian women stated this to me: I also heard we whites have become the minority. one question; where’s OUR affirmative action and minority scholarships?! how bout NAAWP (national association for advancement of white people….you know, like the NAACP)? can WE bully people outside of polling stations and be excused because it’s “racist” to expect minorities to follow the rules? I want to understand all of my new found rights that previous minorities enjoyed at my expense when I was the evil majority. fair is fair.

The problem with the 1060’s Left is that there is a point of view whites have it better than minorities, maybe true at one time, but everyone is involved with the race to the bottom.

The ALP is not a Feminist Party: We agree with many issues, such as Equal Pay, Addressing Domestic Abuse. plus many more. But we reuse the stated hated an bigotry against males.

The ALP does not cater to minority hierarchies: It has been damaging to solidarity, not to mention All people suffer and we must address the needs of all.

The ALP does not support Affirmative Action: Affirmative action continues the game of pitting people against each other. It distorts what people mean by racial justice, which would require decent jobs for all. Instead the government promotes unemployment while it encourages competition among racial groups.

There is only one “group” that the powerful do not want us to identify with-the working class. The ruling elite know that they can keep groups based on race or gender fighting each other forever. The elite cannot control a united working class.

We are not a a Gay group: We support domestic partnership, and many things needed by Gays, Include anyone who is gay and wants the freedom and Liberty to peruse their lives. We believe in tolerance for all. We support any anti hate initiatives for Gays or anyone else.
A democratic revolution has the goal of creating a true democracy of, by and for the great majority of people who want to abolish class inequality and shape society by the values of equality and mutual aid. Equality means people have equal status both economically and politically: equal status with respect to enjoying the wealth of society and equal status with respect to making social and economic decisions that affect them; mutual aid means that people help each other as friends rather than compete against each another as enemies
The ALP believes people are People and people have needs. And not breaking up into competing interest groups.


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