Elections and Voter Apathy

I was reading in the newspapers about voter apathy and low voter turn outs. There is nothing new about this. This election reflects other elections. People in our country know they have a sense of powerlessness. Or voting has little resemblance to a Democratic process.

A few year ago, when I ran for office, I was challenged by the Green Party, and several independents where on the ballot also. One Journalist commented on how exciting this years election was because Not only where Democrats facing Republicans, but this Socialist was facing the Greens, and there was the excitement of more choices as the political debate widened into rarely spoken about views. So it was not a typical two party dog and pony show

the “democratic” process is slowly but surely completely breaking down in the US. Of virtually the entire developed world, American voter turnout is the second lowest of all countries, and only modestly higher than South Korea, but well below 50% in either case. Furthermore, since the voting population is roughly equally split along the middle in its party affiliation, it is astounding that less than 25% of America’s voters set the political stage every four years. One wonders just what the source of this record apathy may be: perhaps it is that as empirical data demonstrate, neither party actually represents any longer the interest of a majority of the US voters, but merely those of corporate lobby groups and, of course, Wall Street. As such, over 50% of voting age Americans don’t even bother to make it to the ballots.

Democracy is not studied nor celebrated in the USA either and many ballots are tainted so voters do not trust the results. Once again ranked at the bottom we are 21 in voter turn out.

The country that has founded Democracy and forgot how to use it has done its best to kill the spirit through dishonest candidate removals, ballot access restrictions, media censorship, So called fake neutral groups that say they do not endorse yet stack the deck in favor of the two party candidates. I was a victim of this in the last election.

People are not engaged, encouraged to be engaged, and the system is dumbed down for the Corporate Parties. This can be changed and energized easily by having real open meaningful engagement and participation on all levels in inclusiveness. Which does not happen here in the good ole USA.


One thought on “Elections and Voter Apathy

  1. When a state has vote-by-mail like Oregon, if the choices aren’t appealing or relevant 20-40% of registered voters who automatically get a ballot in their mailbox don’t bother.

    November 5, 2014
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Just under 70 percent of Oregonians cast a ballot in Tuesday’s election.

    Election recap: Legal pot passes, GMO fails; Kitzhaber, Merkley win

    The Oregon secretary of state’s office says 1.5 million ballots were turned in.

    Turnout ranged from a high of 81 percent in Lake County in Southern Oregon to a low of 61 percent in Umatilla County in Eastern Oregon.

    The two largest counties, Multnomah and Washington, both had turnout of 67 percent. It was slightly higher in the next largest counties, Clackamas, Lane, Marion and Jackson.

    The statewide figure is in line with those from midterm elections in recent decades. Since 1960, eight of the 13 midterms had turnout between 68 and 72 percent.

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