Dirty Campaigns

Thanks to those who voted and supported me in 2014. This is dedicated to you.

Running for office as an Alternative Party Candidates is challenging. The some awful elements that take place when running for office and there are many things I learned.

One always has an idea that politics is a bit dirty and there are things that happen that are not in your favor.

In m campaign for Congress District 2 New Jersey, Frank Lobiondo has been re-elected again.  The Corporate news media pulled out all the stops to have Congressman LoBiondo Re-elected. Political cosmetics like polls saying well in advance that Mr. LoBiondo would be re-elected.   The League of Women Voters stacking the debate deck in the incumbents favor. The newspapers ignoring My campaign and shutting my Campaign down. No Comcast News  Makers, Candidates on Demand,  No radio interviews this time.

Even worse the in the Left news media ignores candidates unless they are Leftist superstars like Howie Hawkins. The left media should be held accountable for this. Aren’t we suppose to be on the same side?  Would it be helpful if people with progressive agenda had the exposure needed to get elected. After all there are only 25 members of the progressive caucus.   Democracy Now! is one of those outlets that could have helped. I am no advocate of Socialist Alternative, but because I found out about Kshama Sawant I would have voted for her anyway, if I where a resident of Seattle. If she did not have exposure people like me would never know and support her. It is not just Democracy Now! but other Left news magazines on TV and the Internet deprive my candidacy, and others a chance to have access to a voting contingency we should have access to.

I think of the Times I visit Vineland High School and there are several kids there who are very happy to see me run for office. Some people express themselves with joy that they have a Candidate that represents their interests. It is nit just about me but other Left candidates also. Shutting down information does nothing to help the cause even from the Left media perspective.

Political parties are an essential component of democracy. By competing in elections and mobilizing citizens behind particular visions of society as well as through their performance in the legislature, parties offer citizens meaningful choices in governance, avenues for political participation, and opportunities to shape their country’s future.

In many countries, especially in the USA, however, political parties fail to respond to citizens’ concerns and are widely distrusted by the public. When public confidence in political parties is compromised, the entire democratic process suffers. In all sustainable democracies, the party system must be deeply and durably entrenched in the fabric of society. The American Labor Party wishes to change that. We have been deprived that opportunity.

Political parties are a central feature of any democracy. They are the vehicles by which citizens come together freely to campaign for public office, express their interests and needs, and define their aspirations for their society. While there are parties without democracy, there can be no democracy without political parties. Parties in many countries may be flawed, but they are also indispensable in democratic governance.

When functioning properly, political parties develop common ideas among a significant group in order to exert pressure upon the political system. Thus, they help place citizens’ local concerns in a national context. Citizens may be divided over interests, leaders, or policies; political parties can organize these differences, creating grounds for compromise and helping societies to unite. In addition, political parties train and nominate political leaders who will assume a role in governing society. Through their efforts to control and influence public policy, political parties play an intermediary role, linking the institutions of government to economic, ethnic, cultural, religious and other societal groups. They can rally support behind important legislation, advocate positions that improve the public welfare, and advance citizens’ interests. Further, their participation in elections allows citizens to hold them accountable for their policies and actions.

I have run for office since 2000. I have always of had access to some media. I believe my blog has scared the opposition candidates and media because I write about the facts. These facts must be suppressed because as a person of conscious that frightens candidates who cheat their way into office because of unfair support. Now the Left, Labor, and the impoverished and other progressives

have all been hurt by this because the people where denied access to a Candidate that represents their interest. The Left news media is as much to blame. And the masses go on to suffer.


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