An American Socialist In Europe

Last Sunday was the global environmental protest. I attended in London. Of Course there was many other issues to cover, like the living wage, poverty, war and many other items even animal rights.
I met people from the Labour Party, Danish Socialists, New Democrats from Canada. It was a dream come true, most of the Socialist International membership parties where there.
The issues seemed to be the same. The Left Socialist segments of the SI Parties did not like the Liberals in there party.
“We are disappointed with the Third Way, it seems a sell out to US Imperialism.” Said one person.
A Scottish Labour Party member said, “We in Scotland want to separate from England not only for the sake of Nationalism, but for Democratic Socialism. We want no more nuclear subs and our people dieing for Wall Street. We want a free and peaceful world and especially one with out NATO.”
Te protest was one of the biggest I have seen. Being a pet lover my favorite sign was ” Pets are Not Just for Christmas, but Forever.” I loved the Animal Rights folks and even met them on the Street in Cardiff, Wales.
Not Far after I met fellow Activists in Cardiff and St Albans. St Albans there where
Homeless advocates and we shared information about people in England becoming homeless more and more. There concern was the same as our, more and more out of work, losing homes, and put out on the street. They where in Red Vests and handing out literature. They loved the fact we in America also want Democratic Socialism and wished me well on my run for Congress with the American Labor Party.
Copenhagen was also very Interesting. I met with activists in front of the Royal Palace. They where peace activists. They complained that their Socialists where becoming more military and catering to the USA.
“It seems the world is run by and international criminal syndicate and that NATO has us in its grips. The EU constitution limits changes in EU member countries. That is not what we signed on for. And many times EU = NATO.”
Than we had a chat at Copenhagen City Hall. Included where Danish Socialists and a NDP-Canada member.
I spoke about Obama Care. The Danes thought that was his crowning achievement and I had to explain that Obama care was real poison and worked for the Health Care industries. I told them how I was thrown out of Cooper Hospital in Camden NJ and that they went into my bank account and personal records. One man looked at me with his jaw dropped in disbelief. The women said wait a minute they mad you take off your gown and threw me out of the hospital and tried to deny you a life saving procedure. Are you not a human being? I explained in the USA the value of a person is there dollars and that be human doesn’t matter in our health care system. She looked at me in disbelief. The Danes are shocked and amazed at our political system. In Denmark people get a universal income, $ 22.00 an hour with a 32 hour work week. Six weeks paid vacation. She said I hope you become a European Citizen day. Since its foundation the lemma of the party has been “Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood”, and these values are still described as central in the party program. In the political program of the party these values are described as being consistent with a focus on solidarity with the poorest and social welfare to those who need it, with individual responsibility in relation to other members in society, and with an increased involvement in the European political project.The party was a member of the Labour and Socialist International between 1923 and 1940. It is now a member of the Socialist International, an association of socialist and social democratic parties. The Social Democrats are also a member of the Party of European Socialists, while the party’s MEPs sit in the Socialists and Democrats groups. Ms. Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Danish pronunciation: [ˈhɛlə ˈtoɐ̯neŋ ˈsmed]; born 14 December 1966 is a Danish politician who has been the Prime Minister of Denmark since 3 October 2011, and the Leader of the Social Democrats since 12 April 2005. She is the first woman to hold both posts. And is a strong Democratic Socialist Leader.


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