Economic Terrorism

When people are the overwhelming sense of shame we all lived with. The stories of the unemployed haunt you long after you’ve put the b One is also left with a more compassionate view of the long-term unemployed. They aren’t lazy, useless folks to be disposed of, but human beings with souls who have experienced what amounts to a life tragedy. They need our compassion, not our judgment.unemployed there are problems that arise.
The profound meanings unemployment has for them as well. If work is a central feature in the development of a man’s identity and sense of personal satisfaction, a theme explored later on, then it is for woman as well, In a way a distinction seems irrelevant. We mus speak about men being head of households, main breadwinners, the financial mainstay of the family.
By all accounts, the Great Recession had a devastating impact on the U.S. labor market both in the short and long term. Relatively high unemployment lingers, millions are either underemployed or have voluntarily dropped out of the labor market, and the economy is growing but not at the pace needed to return the nation to precession employment levels any time soon. The result is that millions of workers have experienced the persistent and painful economic and psychological consequences that result from experiencing long-term unemployment. Socialism addresses these consequences in order to predominate a better understanding of the effects of long-term unemployment and the policies that are needed to address. In Reconnecting to Work: Policies to Mitigate Long-Term Unemployment and Its Consequences, and that the structural issues generally blamed for causing the weak labor market and rising inequality remain in place.
I volunteer at the PSG (Professional Service Group) at the Employment office. Reflecting the years, I never met anyone who has gotten a job through the NJ employment office. They give you a card, send you to a fast food joint, and maybe you’ll get hired. For one person they sent out to the soup factory, bread factory, or marina. He asked, “Do you have anything else?” Of course they didn’t. An Unconditional Universal Income would save people from poverty and the stress of unemployment. The New Slavery is clearly embedded within the logic of post-industrial production, where capital avoids its social and environmental responsibilities and ruthlessly exploits human and natural resources for maximum profit. In this light, the New Slavery represents the race to the very bottom of a brutal system that is controlled by speculative investors and is accountable to no one. Meaning all life is disposable.
a sociology professor, examined dozens of slave cultures across time and place in an effort to determine what tied them all together. He also sought an explanation for why this seemingly inhuman system of bondage, far from being a “peculiar institution,” was highly effective and nearly universal throughout history.
When I was on food stamps, I was frequently chased around by the welfare councilor and had to face her every two weeks to justify my benefits. If I didn’t follow orders my food stamps would be penalized, a I went from $80 to $60 a month, then I was pimped out for free work to various organizations. If this is not slavery what is? Working for free? Answering to the government? Does anyone owe obedience to the government for being in poverty. Maybe there should be Right To Employment States.
What is a wage slave?
So what exactly IS a wage slave, anyway? I “Wage slavery is the state where you are unable to perceive choices and create courses of action different from the grind of the job.”

“Wage slave: A wage earner whose livelihood is completely dependent on the wages earned. And lack of a living wage”

. Many of us prefer to focus on wage slavery as a state of mind, while others prefer to focus on the external aspects of wage slavery such as the wage economy. But overall, we seem to sense something rotten at the core of what we’ve been taught about “making a living”, and that’s the place to begin our questioning.
Have you ever noticed how many of us seem to live “lives of quiet desperation”, as Henry David Thoreau puts it? We feel trapped by forces beyond our control, trapped in a mindless job, for the sake of money, status or recognition. We complain that we never seem to have the time for what’s really important to us, because our jobs take so much energy and focus that we hardly have anything left over. And it is impossible to fulfill our aspirations.
Unemployment and the lack of Universal Income is a trap that binds us with atomization, and fear. I is a form of economic terrorism. The sigma of being unemployed and then judgments that go with it obviously wrong and the play ground of the ignorant. Democratic Socialism advocates the solution. A Living Wage and Universal Income.


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