Iraq War 2014

The U.S. war in Iraq has cost $1.7 trillion with an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans, expenses that could grow to more than $6 trillion over the next four decades counting interest, a study released on Thursday said.
If you’ve generated a personalized tax receipt, you know how your tax dollars were spent. But what if you could choose to allocate your tax dollars differently, in a way that reflects your personal budget priorities? In three easy steps, estimate how much your state, city, congressional district, or county paid towards federal programs, choose what you would provide instead, and share your plan.
For Food & Nutrition Assistance in FY2014, taxpayers in the United States will pay
Total Trade-Offs Remaining $ 110.38 billion. For Food & Nutrition Assistance in FY2014, taxpayers in Cumberland County, New Jersey will pay
Remaining $ 29.97 million
For Interest on the Federal Debt in FY2014, taxpayers in the United States will pay
Total Trade-Offs Remaining $ 222.89 billion.
For Interest on the Federal Debt in FY2014, taxpayers in Cumberland County, New Jersey will pay $ 60.52 million.

There is more to the war than money. One Iraqi told me “We now have a government, an Iraqi government, which is attacking the western side of Iraq under sectarian reasons. We have a political formula that has alienated people who are called Sunnis. There is a war and a siege on the western cities of the country. Hundreds of thousands are leaving their homes and trying to come back to them only to find them bombed. We have huge sectarian violence that is done by the government. We have legislation that has alienated all the women of Iraq. And it also establishes a sectarian divide by laws, something that we did not have in the previous times. And we also have a political system that has become so much of a dictatorship that it’s close to Saddam’s times. We have a beginning—or, we have a division in the country that has made a big part of the country vulnerable to the second generation of al-Qaeda organizations.”

Another Iraqi I know told me “We have a situation that is not better than a war. The war in Iraq is not over yet. We are living it over and over again. And on top of that, there’s a generation of babies who are born with birth defects, whose parents are living the agonies of not knowing what to do with their children. And the story goes on. Big parts of Iraq are contaminated with depleted uranium, with white phosphorus.”
And the U.S. government, who started the war and eventually caused the contamination in many parts in the south, in the west and in the mid-north—the U.S. government is denying that they are the reason to this contamination and for the birth defects.

Now these weapons have been raided by militias and have been transported to Syria, where there is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The un-totaled cost, not just military to Soldiers and civilian’s on both sides will last for generations. We are speaking loss of limb, mind, contamination of chemical weapons. Damage to both sides and the Iraqi environment. Now the Government has attacked its own civilians displacing 40,000 innocent civilians. Birth defects are epidemic. Mr. LoBiondo once said that Iraq would be a democracy and heil us as Liberators. In reality liberators from happiness and peace. Our foreign policy will eventually bite us in the back pocket.
U.S. government accountable for human rights violations in Iraq. So these health impacts, also for veterans, post-traumatic stress, going on repeated deployments with post-traumatic stress, military sexual assaults, and also things like using up soldiers and other service members to their very maximum and then finding reasons to kick them out of the military so that they don’t have to take care of them later, they don’t have to deal with the health issues, they don’t have to provide them with educational benefits. And many people are actually left off worse than they were before the ever joined the military in the first place, in terms of economic opportunities


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