Women at War Trilogy part 3: Slave Labor

A graduate who claimed a back-to-work scheme that made her stack shelves in return for her benefits was unlawful has won a landmark legal challenge against the government. Cait Reilly had been asked to work for free in Poundland as part of the ‘sector-based work academies’ program.

The 24-year-old lost her original case against the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) scheme in the High Court in August, when she argued it breached slavery rules, but she and fellow claimant Jamieson Wilson, a 40-year-old unemployed HGV driver who refused to take part in the Community Action Pro gramme, today won at the Court of Appeal, the BBC reports.

In what has been labeled a “huge setback” for the DWP, three judges agreed the unpaid schemes Reilly and Wilson were put on were legally flawed due to the lack of basic information offered to claimants.

Solicitor Tessa Gregory of Public Interest Lawyers, who represented the pair, said others whose benefits had been stripped away due to failure to participate in similar schemes – dubbed ‘workfare’ – should have the right to ask for the cash back in light of the judgment.
I could imagine what all people ob welfare go through. When I was on food stamps the system paid very little in food assistance. I was forced to report to a councilor who forced me to look for work and had the power to penalize me if the job sheet I had to have employers sign was not right.
Than I had to work for free, pimped out to several organization in which I did not see a minimum wage.
My mother recently on food stamps do to her diabetes, went from $36 a month to, $28, to $18 a month. Rent escalates each year, yet benefits, like social security help to keep up with inflation.
Working with out pay is slave labor. Being forced to obey the government is to indenture.

All are fully aware that only working families pay the bills for supporting both wealthy and poor. And all are fully aware that only working families pay the bills for supporting the poor to the direct enrichment of wealth. Moreover all are fully aware that the wealthy create and maintain poverty for the purpose of exploiting working families .
The wealthy pay little to nothing in contribution while collecting nearly the total of working class tax coffers into their private accounts. Main through corporate welfare and tax breaks
Congress assists because all economic opportunities in America and exclusively withholding all apportioning opportunities on a parallel with slave trade practices. As the result, a massive poverty is by created by design. The corporate legal industrial complex prepares a system of laws under which the wealthy evade taxes, while working families carry the brunt of tax liability. Then, the taxes that working families pay are given over to wealthy corporations who provide “services” to the poor (a huge portion goes to the military, which eats 75% of the budget, The prison industrial complex, in which the poor find affordable housing. In 1972 300,00 people where in prison. In 2014 2,300,00 people are in prison. This is the new affordable housing. Single women live in such squalid conditions they have to compete with rats for food.

Workfairness co-founder and Co-chair Vondora Jordan said: “In Wisconsin, Turner has headed up the cruelest and most hostile program against poor and working people. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s appointment of Jason Turner back during that administration.
“Fifty-eight percent of people on welfare have lost their benefits. Single mothers are being forced to work 35 hours a week and leave their children with unlicensed daycare.

“If they don’t follow the strict W2 requirements their children can be taken away from them and put up for adoption.

“These women are forced to work for so called non-profits like the Ford Foundation and Aurora Health Care for no money and no guarantee of a job. If they say you are ‘job ready’ you get kicked off welfare and into the street-with or without a job.

“As a single mother on public assistance,” Jordan continued, “I will not put myself or my children at risk. If this is what Turner has in mind for us here, we say go back to Wisconsin.
There are workfare scams that employee make money on welfare workers and the workers eek out a living on welfare, which pays way under minimum wage. Women and children are always vulnerable. welfare moms have a problem with obtaining nutritious food, a decent place to live, and are forced to live in slums and hostile environments.


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