The Undeserved Poor Should Not Eat Fish

Most conservatives see being poor as a moral failure. They have no understanding of the social and economic forces that create the cycle of poverty. The fact is the system and wealthy create and compound the misery of the poor. They point to a few people who started out poor and became wealthy (the Horatio Alger myth) and claim that somehow proves everyone can do the same thing, when that is obviously not true. They close their eyes to the fact that the majority of jobs available in the US don’t pay very much or do not exist at all, and that most poor people are the working poor. They hate their fellow Americans and fellow human beings for not being lucky enough to have been born into middle class or wealthy families. The hate for the poor also displays master race theories applied by the Nazi influence.
FOX News report that Poor people are living high off welfare and food stamps and they should not eat fish because it is a luxury food. When I was on food stamps, we where forced to take a food nutrition class or be penalized losing food stamp benefits. Taking support away from the poor. The USDA foes on to say: FDA has created downloadable posters for printing. These posters show nutrition information for the 20 most frequently consumed raw fruits, vegetables, and fish in the United States.

How ever FOX news feels handouts for the Rich are OK. Empty buildings are just tax write-offs for landlords, and that the income from them is not missed. Expenses from real estate investments are subtracted from income, not directly from taxes owed. At a tax rate of 30%, $10000 of expenses would lower taxes owed by $3000.
The rich face no government officials, report, nor have to be accountable as welfare recipients.
If a office building stays 60 % empty the owners the government pays a compensation package to make up the loses.
Mother Jones provides a list of Companies that do not pay taxes:

Paul Ryan has had a relapse back in to rampant ignorance. Ayn Randism running amok within him, nothing like the CPAC conference to bring out the best in people:Ryan insisted that liberals were only offering people “a full stomach and an empty soul.” He then told a story of a “young boy from a very poor family” who received free lunches at school “from a government program.” “He didn’t want a free lunch,” Ryan insisted. “He wanted his own lunch, one in a brown paper bag, just like the other kids.” “He wanted one, he said, because he knew a kid with a brown paper bag had someone who cared for him. This is what the left does not understand.”

So the top 1% hold 42 % of the wealthy in America earn more money than working families. They get hand outs from the government and do not have to be accountable, nor face government officials. re are several large special interests that are all contributing to bankrupt America. It has become very obvious that the Health Care Industry (as an example) is helping to bankrupt America in a big way by not preventing illness and not helping our body to heal itself. The Illness Industry is a corrupt monopoly enterprise that is supported by all governments at all levels of jurisdiction. All these governments should be promoting the health of the people under their jurisdiction. But they are not interested in the health of the population. Instead they are only interested in assisting the Health care industry to increase its profits and to strengthen its stranglehold monopoly. The Health Care Industry is not interested in the health of the population. The Health Care Industry has become the largest swindle in the economy with a total yearly income of $3.2 TRILLION in 2011 and a projected income of $4.6 TRILLION in 2020 when the Federal Budget in that same year is projected to be less than that at $4.2 TRILLION. The Health Care Industry in the USA is the largest special interest monopoly in the World.

Also the Job makers are making jobs in Afghanistan for the Military Industries there. Human traffickers provide ow income people with work by offering a $4000 fee for a $2000 a month job. When the job is taken, he worker gets $500 a month. People getting a tax break are involved with slave labor and exploitation of poor developing world people who are looking for a better life. Ah, the undeserved poor. No fish for them, or dignity, or humaneness.


2 thoughts on “The Undeserved Poor Should Not Eat Fish

  1. Tino,

    A great article, but I think maybe you mean “undeservING poor.” “Undeserved” implies that somebody else (the country?, the rich?) did not deserve them. “Undeserving” is the adjective that describes the poor themselves.
    Romi Elnagar

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