The New Cold War

I remember the Cold War. They where horrible political times. The US and Soviet Union at odds ideologically over Capitalism and Communism, yet neither democratic. The US is a nation rife with human rights abuses and the Soviets, betrayed the Communist Revolution and brought horrible human rights abuses.  People in the USA where very shallow, If you disagreed you where a Communists. If you where a socialist people would ask why you are a Communist. When you explained that you where a socialist in vein with the Scandinavians, people would retort that these countries are neutral. Right wing political morons would not  understand these countries had political parties that where tied to the Socialist International. Immigrants would tell me how stupid they thought American where and how politically uneducated Americans are. For our Democracy many American were and still are shallow vapid cheerleaders who cannot absorb facts. We have this current war on terror that doesn’t seem to be working, but there seems to be a desire in the US government to have another cold war. The US Navy today christened the USS Gerald Ford, costliest and most deadly aircraft carrier ever built. The $13billion warship is the first in the Navy’s newest generation of aircraft carriers. It was launched in a grand ceremony Saturday from the Newport News, VA., naval yard. The Ford is expected to stay commissioned for five decades and will enter the fleet in 2016.

Air Force says it will base its new F-35 fighter plane at Burlington  $396 billion to buy 2,456 jets by the late 2030s, but program is plagued by cost overruns billion to build 31 additional F-35 fighter jets for the United States military.
1.3 million Americans lost their last lifeline from the federal government: an emergency unemployment insurance program. Although long-term unemployment is still at its highest level since World War II, Congress failed to renew the program in the budget deal it passed just before adjourning for winter recess. The program provided up to 47 weeks of supplemental unemployment insurance payments to jobless people looking for work. Now, just a quarter of unemployed Americans will receive jobless benefits — the smallest proportion in half a century. The economy at large, axing job growth by around 300,000 positions next year and pushing hundreds of thousands of households to the brink of poverty.
Every hour, taxpayers in the United States are paying $11.26 million for Total Cost of Wars Since 2001.
1,500,000,000 +. Imagine, we could have ended poverty, got rid of slums, free education, free hot lunches, Universal Income, Universal Health Coverage. infrastructural.
For Energy Conservation Programs in FY2014, taxpayers in the United States will pay Remaining $ 7.91 billion For Food & Nutrition Assistance in FY2014, taxpayers in the United States will pay Remaining $ 110.38 billion U.S expanding NATO’S border to traditional spheres of influence/former Soviet Republics. Putin’s angst should be understood by the Golden Rule “do unto others”..So how would the US feel if Russia pursued military alliances with Canada and Mexico? ..Proposing to install missile defense shields across the border like the US has with Czech/Poland etc? Most of Putin’s so called “extremist” responses are in reaction to US aggressive postures. Yeltsin’s wholesale give away of Russian natural resource/plant and equipment/Real Estate & creating ultra rich oligarchs was a an exercise in shameful dirt bag politics. Gorbachev’s reform proposals of a mixed capitalist/social democratic polity were lost alternatives. The majority of Russian/former Soviet people associate market reforms with the incredible inhumane conditions crated by “shock therapy” which resulted in massive poverty/pain and suffering. Meanwhile the Western press is uncritical of many of the Oligarchs which swindled the average Russian during marketization.
What the Cold War actually does is prevent Democracy. The Democrats and Republicans keep power by setting them selves up as our protectors giving the people and enemy to hate. The mindless sheep bah along with this The psychology works because the politics of fear is so strong. The propaganda, cheer leading sessions, fear psychology all falls into place and change becomes even more impossible.
Remember how the peace dividend was betrayed? During the Cold War they said we will have Civil Rights and Social Justice and more, but now we are fighting the Cold War. Every wxcuse was for the cold war for the government not to act in favor of the people.
There is a corporate bonanza here for the Military with trillions spent on Jet Fighters, Nuclear Submarines, and Navy ships we do not need. One general said we need all this to keep up with Russia and China. They said that in the 70’s. By the 1980’s a North Korean surrendered a Jet to the West. They
determined the the Russian MIG was a complete piece of technological garbage.

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