American Labor Party

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American Labor Party


We are Democratic Socialists and a Social Democratic Socialist Party for America future. On Par with ideology of the Socialist International.As Democratic Socialists, we believe in the ideology of egalitarianism, humanitarianism, and democratic ideology embracing Liberty. This is a working class movement. We agree with the program of most Democratic Socialist Parties (with In reason), and organizations. We see the majority of voters, however, being alienated by policy that may need amending.
As a Progressive/Reformist/Evolutionary/revolutionary movement, we believe it is time to meet the challenges of the this century.
We believe targeting individual and minority groups alone are a big mistake, since a majority of Americans are oppressed workers of equal racial and ethnic distribution. No group is a special group. This has created bitterness and competition, division and resentment, and agitated racial discord
instead of healing It.
The factor of unifying and cohesion of all oppressed persons must be a concerted effort because great success and endeavor of civil rights can only manifest itself through mass multi-humanistic effort, rather then it exists as present.
Most persons work for a living at dehumanizing and life absorbing jobs. Those suffering from exploitation and demeaning jobs, unemployment, underemployment are where are target group is if we wish to have a socialist future. we are a Socialist group for ALL


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