Health Care 2

The affordable Health Care Act is in the news again. And as I think about another run for Congress, I must admit, people need to know the facts. It should be disposed of not delayed.

The private insurance industry that’s offering the coverage through the plans has overhead costs that are about four times as high as traditional Medicare. And in addition, we’re going to have overhead of about 4 percent added to insurance overhead just for the exchanges. So it’s a complex system, a very expensive system, and when we see the way it’s performing, we understand why we need a simple single-payer system that could save about $400 billion on administrative simplification.

Peoples insurance has either doubled or they have been dropped. Some people only had two weeks to decide if they wanted health care from their employer.

single-payer is also known as expanded and improved Medicare for all, also known as nonprofit national health insurance. It means you would get a card the day you’re born, and you’d keep it your entire life. It would entitle you to medical care, all needed medical care, without co-payments, without deductibles. And because it’s such a simple system, like Social Security, there would be very low administrative expenses. We would save about $400 billion, which would allow us to afford the system. The AFCA cost Tax Payers 1.8 billion dollars in the latest debacle.

Much of the coverage of AHCA is going to be extremely skimpy and not particularly affordable. And there will be 31 million Americans left out of “Obamacare,” and about five million of those 30 million uninsured will be uninsured because of the red state governors opting out of Medicaid. But 25 million of those uninsured are uninsured by the very design of “Obamacare.”

 it depends a lot on your definition of “affordable.” Under “Obamacare,” someone with an income of about $45,000 a year or more would have to pay $8,300 a year in premiums, more than $8,000 a year in premiums. And very few people have room for that in their budget. And that’s why many middle-income people will remain uninsured under “Obamacare.” Plus, they’ll be paying a penalty for not purchasing that expensive insurance. It’s simply not going to be affordable..

I think people need to educate themselves about single-payer. They need to work in their communities around single-payer. I think that the Republicans are doing is reprehensible. I’m not supportive of that, obviously. But I think we need to be pushing, saying we want single-payer. I mean, the Republicans have made a big deal out of about half of Americans reject “Obamacare,” but what they don’t tell you is that a third of those people reject “Obamacare” because they didn’t think it went far enough.

The glitch-filled Obamacare website reportedly cost US taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of at least $500 million.

And that is what happens with the action of teh Wall Street Parties.

I’d like to congratulate Kshama Sawant for winning the Seattle City council seat. She is the first elected Socialist to serve there in 100 years. This is a positive step showing we can make change. I congratulate the people of Seattle for their courage in making Democracy work.

Once again Socialism makes the news and the the Affordable Health Care Act is linked to it. Strange as a Socialist myself, I am opposed to the AHCA. Though it will not bring Tyranny to the USA, the Tea Party thinkers and Office holders will, It seems once again the uninformed need to declare war on Social and Economic Justice.
As a current victim and activist for health care, we need something very socialist, and socialists do not own the program. National health care. I am now in the clutches of our vicious health system. I am getting letters from collectors I have not even been billed for.
All of a sudden I am getting calls and letters for expenses I have not even known about nor have prior notification.
Yes the affordable health car act is certainly Wall Street fascism at its best. My friends tell em about their $4,000 ambulance rides, how they fought four years for disability, and how they are hounded for money they did not even know they owed. People are having a difficult time keeping up with their expenses and occur new ones everyday.
When we call the Billing offices, they say you owe this much and they give you a different total each time. Than, you find out you are in collection for what? More expenses? Where di they come from, shouldn’t people be billed and notified first.
The medical system si out of control. And their is also no consumer protection. Still like the Democrats, Republicans, and Tea Party?
In those  so called Socialist countries people are not the value of their money, but value of their human lives. I have a friend who lives in Scandinavia. She is not coming home because she likes the socialism. Denmark has just stemmed off immigration because too many people want to go. Yes, they have higher taxes, but they are as small as a thumb nail compared to the wealthiest nation on Earth, The United States. Soon to be renamed USA INC. I remember a time when people did not want to escape America, and that as during our progressive era. 

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