Unions Can Make a Come Back

Unions can make a come back. Now that De-Industrialization is the norm life has changed. Unions evoked a culture of solidarity and unity among workers. Today the lack of Union has given workers a lack of sensitivity to each other and the values of humanity easily slip away. Youth in America today is selfish and self centered. Not only do employers foster a hostile work environment, today our fellow employees are hostile.
Unions can revive themselves in numbers of ways. One is to once again foster values. Here are some things Unions can do.
1. Foster worker own Cooperatives. 2. Community service. Jobs with Justice. 3. Living wage ordinances require private businesses that do business with the government to pay their workers a wage that enables them to afford basic necessity. 4. Self Help Credit Unions. 5 Foster Sustainable Communities and Affordable Housing.
They need to foster an open door policy so all people could have opportunities. Unions should be up lifting so all people of varied abilities could have jobs. Also Unions should no longer be industrial as they should be involved in the fighting for the quality of life in all communities.
Union Activists can engaged in community building efforts in industrialized nations see the apparent loss of community in these societies as a key cause of social disintegration and the emergence of many harmful behaviors. They may see building community as a means to increase social justice, individual well-being and reduce negative impacts of otherwise disconnected individuals
Community Economic Development (CED) is a field of study that actively elicits community involvement when working with government, and private sectors to build strong communities, industries, and markets. “Community Economic Development is a multifaceted comprehensive approach to community change that is not limited to just poverty programs, nor is it synonymous with industrial recruitment. Community Economic Development is not an attempt to exploit resources to yield the maximum economic return.”

A New York Times Article says: The long decline in the number of American workers belonging to labor unions accelerated sharply last year, according to data reported on Wednesday, sending the unionization rate to its lowest level in close to a century.
Erik Schelzig/Associated Press, The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the total number of union members fell by 400,000 last year, to 14.3 million, even though the nation’s overall employment rose by 2.4 million. The percentage of workers in unions fell to 11.3 percent, down from 11.8 percent in 2011, the bureau found in its annual report on union membership. That brought unionization to its lowest level since 1916, when it was 11.2 percent, according to a study by two Rutgers economists, Leo Troy and Neil Sheflin.

Labor specialists cited several reasons for the steep one-year decline in union membership. Among the factors were new laws that rolled back the power of unions in Wisconsin, Indiana and other states, the continued expansion by manufacturers like Boeing and Volkswagen in nonunion states and the growth of sectors like retail and restaurants, where unions have little presence.

Labor Unions are week for many reasons. Self defeat, corruption, Unions Leaders worry about their high salaries and famous political connections. The vanity must be removed.Unions can think local and act global and connect in cooperation changing the world.
With the disappearance of jobs in the automated age, creating new work will be difficult. but creating jobs inn the social circuit may have answers. Local reinvestment in recycling, land trusts and food coops can keep money and resources flowing within the community. Individuals seeking investment opportunities can find local, regional and national service organizations listed here that meet people’s basic needs. With details on the scope, function and investment opportunities of such groups nationwide, and examples of successful programs, Unions can be a incisive tool for using your money to create social change.
How ever the lack of full possibilities of employment mean that the Universal Income will become prevalent.
Public Works and Cooperatives should be in our future.
Cooperatives to be developed are:
Housing cooperative – legal entity (Land Trust) that owns real estate, usually one or more residential buildings.
Retailers’ cooperative – network of retailers which employs economies of scale to get discounts from manufacturers and to pool marketing.
Consumers’ cooperative – cooperative which employs economies of scale to get discounts from distributors
Utility cooperative – public utility such as electric, water or telecommunications owned by its members
Worker cooperative – business entity owned in part or exclusively by its workers. Education should be free for training in technical jobs.


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