Equality Socialism

The American Labor Party and Socialist Equality Party are Equality parties in Socialism. The ALP is more social democratic, the SEP is Trotkyist. The problem with the Left is that we have broken into competing interest groups. Minorities, feminist, gays, and everything else. We agree these groups suffer, but so do white men and anyone else who is powerless. No person, animal, or natural organ suffers differently, we all suffer equally at times.
The ALP believes anyone making a low wage is exploited. Anyone suffering social consequences need socialism.
We see a black in the slum and say, we need to help these people. We see a white in a damaged, low living trailer and we call him trailer trash. The difference between the white and black is really no difference at all. The suffering is the same. Both family members of these groups will suffer poverty for generations.
A  social state of affairs in which all people within a specific society or isolated group have the same Rights in certain aspects. At the very most, social equality includes equal rights under the law, such as security, voting rights, freedom of speech and protest and assembly, property rights, and equal access to social services and income. Access to public education,  State and Nation health care and other securities. It also includes equal opportunities and obligations for all, and so involves the whole of society no matter race, gender, ethnicity and other wise.
Egalitarianism in economics is a controversial phrase with conflicting potential meanings. It may refer either to equality of opportunity, the view that the government ought not to discriminate against all citizens or obstruct opportunities for them to do better, or the quite different notion of equality of outcome, a state of economic affairs in which the government promotes equal opportunity for all citizens equally. The social democracies of Europe have all adapted egalitarian programs (such as the Youth Guarantee) designed to promote general access to health care, quality affordable housing, and free education.
The ALP argument is that Socialism provides democracy with the experience of civic evolution. Without it, democracy loses retrogresses. A coherent initiative of domestic and public policy endeavoring to provide the resources for the realization of a true democratic In reality, All political power still resides in the hands of a  Upper class, rather than in the hands of the people. The USA is a recognized oligarchy with a one party two wing system representing the same interest.
Democratic socialism is a broad political movement that seeks to initiate the ideals of socialism within the context of a democracy. Many democratic socialists support social democracy as a temporary measure to reform the current system. Others support more revolutionary tactics to establish socialism. Today’s social democracies emphasize a program of gradual legislative reform of capitalism in order to make it more equitable and humane, We admit that social democracies of Europe have failed and abandoned the notion of socialism for capitalism. Socialist seem to be more like Liberal Democrats. And many Socialist programs on Europe are never fulfilled.
We believe in the Fourth Way, that Capitalism should not be the ultimate power, but exist in a controlled portion of society. Karl Marx said Capitalism will eventually burn itself out. We agree, though the ALP is not a Marxist Party. We also agree that there are many Failures in the Socialist International Parties. But the ALP hopes for change. Real, change. But we cannot just focus on 1960’s radical politics either, We need a big tent socialism that says we are for everyone with freedom, liberty, and democracy. We recognize, gays, women, and minorities have their problems, but EVERYONE does.


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